The white line problem of the screen is distressing some 5700 XT GPU version 2020 iMac users

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According to Macrumors, Apple updated the 2020 iMac product lineup and launched a 27-inch iMac in August this year. This model is equipped with a tenth-generation Intel processor, with more RAM, SSD configuration and Faster AMD GPU.

However, some new iMac users have reported that there have been problems with the device’s GPU, and some complaints related to foreign forums can be traced back to August. This shows that this problem has plagued iMac users since the advent of the new iMac .

Naijatechnews has learned that some users of the 5700XT GPU version of iMac sometimes see a white horizontal line on the display, but the problem does not seem to affect all users:

I received the 2020 iMac‌ on Thursday night. Last night I saw a horizontal white line flashing from the middle of the iMac screen. It was very brief. I thought I was just seeing some other things. But this morning, I saw the same phenomenon, the computer is not working properly. I remember using MBP 13″ (2019) on an earlier version of macOS and encountered the same problem (I don’t remember whether it is a later version of Mojave or an earlier version of Catalina), but the subsequent software update has solved the problem problem.

The white lines described by the affected people seem to appear on the screen and flicker from time to time, and iMac users have also encountered other seemingly related graphics issues. Some users report that this problem can be solved by choosing a zoom resolution other than the default resolution, but this is not an ideal long-term solution.

It is not clear whether the problem encountered by iMac users is hardware or software, but Apple has not implemented a fix for the problem.



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