There is no iPhone 12 at the Apple conference, but the prices of these iPhone models on the second-hand market have increased

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Apple’s autumn press conference came as scheduled. Although the highly anticipated new iPhone did not appear, due to the upcoming release of the new iPhone, iPhone transactions in the second-hand market continued to rise and prices fluctuated.

iPhone 12

The latest mobile phone market released by Zhuan Zhuan Group shows that the prices of old iPhone models have fallen and increased recently in the second-hand market. The prices of entry-level iPhone 11 and iPhone X models have increased by more than 200 yuan compared with the beginning of September . In addition, other iPhone models such as the new iPhone SE and iPhone XR have generally reduced prices, and the 99 new entry-level models of the iPhone 8 have fallen by more than 100 yuan.

Zhuanzhuan said that this shows that the stock of the second-hand mobile phone market has changed in a certain period of time, and the price will also change. From the perspective of market supply, the new iPhone will be on sale soon, and the proportion of old iPhone models on the supply side of the secondary market will be adjusted to make room for future releases.

In addition, Zhuzhu said that from the data point of view, the iPhone small screen design has a tendency to resurge this year. With the release of the iPhone 12, according to the law, the iPhone 7 is expected to be popular in the second-hand market. At the same time, classic colors such as black, space gray and gold are more popular. The dark gray iPhone X, the black iPhone 7 and the black iPhone 11 rank among the top three in Apple’s hot-selling model color list. Zhuanzhuan said that although it was postponed, with the launch of the iPhone 12 series in the future, it will also be announced that Apple will officially join the 5G mobile phone market, and the tide of replacement is coming.

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