These are the best apps for your Amazon Fire TV Stick

These are the best apps for your Amazon Fire TV Stick

These are the best apps for your Amazon Fire TV Stick


These are the best apps for your Amazon Fire TV Stick

If you have an Amazon Fire TV Stick you have to have all these apps installed on it, it’s that simple.

If you are a lover of movies and series , surely in your living room, living room or in your bedroom, you have the Amazon Fire Stick .

A small device that connected to the HDMI of a television or monitor, offers us a whole world of possibilities . From watching our favorite multimedia content such as series and movies, to surfing the internet and even listening to music.

But are you getting the most out of your Amazon Fire TV Stick? Well, if you don’t have all these apps installed on your device, surely not.

We start with the most popular and that is that Netflix has earned by its own merit having become the platform for streaming series and movies with the most users in the world. With a huge catalog, there are not enough lives to see all the content that Netflix offers .

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Different plans either to enjoy it alone, as a couple or with the whole family, there are series and movies for all tastes and ages .

Download Netflix for free


Your favorite music is on Spotify, even on your home TV

But beware, the Amazon Fire TV Stick is not only used to watch series and / or movies, but also to listen to music. And which app is the undisputed leader? You guessed it, Spotify .

We just have to download the Spotify app for the Fire TV Stick and enjoy our favorite music. A really good plan .

Download Spotify for free


Although other streaming platforms have many anime series in their catalog, there is only one service dedicated exclusively to it. It’s Crunchyroll and in it we can find the best anime series in high definition and with Spanish subtitles.

So, if you want to watch anime legally, there is no better way to enjoy series like Attack on Titan, Naruto or One Piece among many others .

Download Crunchyroll for free


Go in, install all these apps on your Amazon Fire TV Stick and make the most of it

At some point you will end up tired of watching so many series and movies and you will want to enjoy other types of content. What would you think of seeing the best players in the world enjoying the best games of the moment? That’s what Twitch takes care of .

You just have to choose your favorite streamer or video game, either console or computer and enjoy the moment.

Download Twitch for free

Movistar +

Why Movistar +? Not only does it have a large catalog of movies and series but it is also the perfect platform for sports lovers .

All football, Formula 1, basketball and much more. Of course, you have to pay a monthly fee … but like almost everything in life .

Download Movistar + for free

Firefox for Fire TV

Firefox is not only on your mobile, but also on your TV thanks to Amazon’s Fire Stick

We have already said before that thanks to the Amazon Fire TV Stick we can also surf the internet and for this we only have to download a browser. Our choice? Firefox .

With Firefox we will be able to navigate quickly and safely with our Amazon Fire TV Stick and even access any streaming content platform without having to download other apps . All advantages,

Download Firefox for Fire TV for free


Plex is the perfect app to turn our Amazon Fire TV Stick into a powerful multimedia center . Plex will recognize any file we have stored and will play it back. So easy and simple.

It can also play files from other devices if we know how to configure it, so the options it offers us are multitude. Without a doubt, an essential tool that you have to have in our small but powerful Fire TV Stick .

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