Best Facebook Auto Liker Apps & Sites for Android (DOWNLOAD TOP 10 LIST)

Best Facebook Auto Liker Apps & Sites for Android (DOWNLOAD TOP 10 LIST)

Best Facebook Auto Liker Apps & Sites for Android (DOWNLOAD TOP 10 LIST)Best Facebook Auto Liker Apps & Sites for Android (DOWNLOAD TOP 10 LIST)

It is possible to get unlimited likes on your Facebook status, posts, videos and even pages using FB auto liker apps. Also, there are websites which are used for getting auto likes on Facebook for free. We covered all that in this post.

If you are searching for ways to get more likes and comments on your Facebook posts and pictures, there are apps that will help you achieve that effortlessly.

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world with over 2.5 billion users monthly. Facebook is used by different to achieve different purposes.

For instance, some people use it to promote their businesses, some use it to share life experiences while some use FB to show off their wealth and their popularity.


You will notice that beautiful ladies gets more Facebook Likes and comments when they upload pictures but this is not the same for most ugly girls or boys.

While their FB likes are real, you can also confuse them and feel among by getting auto-generated Facebook likes on your pictures and posts to feel among the popular guys or celebrities.


Find below the best FB auto liker apps.


Just as the name suggests, FB Liker is an app that generates likes to your Facebook photos and posts. It’s one of the best auto liker apps for Facebook posts and pictures.

For this app to work correctly, you must set your profile and posts to be seen by “public”.

To use the app to get more Likes on FB, you need to sign in to your Facebook account through the FB Liker app, then select the post you want to get likes from. After few seconds, you will see likes automatically added to the post.

One important feature of this app is that it gives the link of your post and not Facebook id or password for generating likes. The app is also ads free.

Download FB Liker Apk


This is another powerful tool to send auto generated Likes to your Facebook posts and photos. The app is clean with user friendly interface. The developers claim it’s spam-free and delivers likes very fast.

Download MyFBLiker App


FBoost is one of the best “FB auto liker” apps that helps you reach more people and get more likes and comments on your Facebook posts, photos and pages. With this tool, you can also get more “post shares” and “views” by people you don’t even know. The app is free to use and has a clean user interface.

Download FBoost here


KP Liker app is another Facebook auto liker application that is developed to help you get free post likes from unknown sources without paying a dime.

Download KP Liker App


Social liker app is a great Android tool that generates auto likes to your Facebook photos and posts. It’s a simple app with less than 2mb size to download.

Download Social Liker Apk


This app helps you increase your Facebook photos and posts like for free. It’s a good app for those of you that usually gets few likes when you post on your Facebook timeline.

Download King Auto Liker


This app helps you get tons of Facebook likes on your profile posts and photos. All you need to do to use this app is login to your Facebook account through the app, make your profile “public” and also your posts public, then upload a photo or publish a post on your status, within few seconds, you will see tons of likes added to the post.

The app also has onscreen guild to help you use it correctly.

Download 4liker App


Unlike other apps on this list that focuses on getting Facebook likes, this particular app help you get instant Instagram followers and Instagram post likes. It help boost your post reach by delivering real followers and likes. In fact, it’s one of the few apps in this list that is officially available on play store.

Instagram is another powerful social network but for you to enjoy it most or be influential, you need more followers. In the past, we published a post on how to get real Instagram followers. That post will reveal the secrets of increasing your followers on Instagram.

Download Get Instant Likes App


This is one of the best FB Auto Like apps that delivers infinite likes to your Facebook posts and pictures.

All you need to do is login to your Facebook account via Apental app, and view the post you want to get auto likes on. Then set the post to be “public”. After few seconds, the likes will start coming and you can see it boosted in no time.

Download Apental Apk


As the name suggests, this app lets you get thousands of post likes for Facebook and Twitter. It’s lite and easy to use. It’s also available on Google Play Store.

Download Here

These apps can help you get up to 1000 Likes on your Facebook photos or posts.


Below you will find best sites to get Facebook auto likes.


This FB auto liker website gives you 10-200 likes instantly on your status or photo. You can re submit it after 15 minutes to get more likes


This site gives you 290+ likes instantly on your status or photo. You can re submit it after 15 minutes to get more likes


It works as same way as hublaa does. It gives you up to 300 likes instantly. But this site is spammy. It’s one of the reasons why auto Facebook Likes are seen as spam.


By making use of this website you can get up to 250+ likes. And resubmit after 15 minutes to get more.

The site also have an android app thereby making it an efficient autoliker site. It’s reportedly the most trustable autoliker in the world. It gives +250 likes instantly.

To Know the Total Number of Likes you have on your Facebook account, use Likulator app.


The simple answer to this is NO. Because auto like services are not supported by Facebook and your account can be banned or restricted if Facebook detects you use FB Auto liker apps.


  • Facebook Auto Like apps or websites can be SPAMMY and post security threats.
  • DON’T use your REAL Facebook account on these auto liker apps or websites to avoid compromising your account.
  • Facebook may apply restrictions on your account if it detects you use auto like services.


This post is completely for educational purposes and not in anyway supporting the use of auto likers on Facebook which is against Facebook terms of use.



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