10 Gadgets For Professional Mobile Photographing 2024

Gadgets For Professional Mobile Phone Photographing

In the previous blog on Mobile Photography Gadgets we discussed about some unique and fantastic gadgets. In this blog, we will continue our list of amazing mobile photography gadgets. Gadgets which will give an edge to your mobile photography making it’s performance equivalent to the DSLR cameras.

1. Ring Light

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Ring Light is a case for your iPhone which holds a detachable, swiveling LED ring light on the back. It protects your phone and has a swing out, fully adjustable light which lights your face softly by hovering over the smartphone’s camera lens, as you snap photos on your phone.

With this unique and portable gadget you can now capture evenly-lit shots and videos. The ring light is detachable from the case, which means you can pop the ring off for more challenging shots. The light’s brightness and temperature can be adjusted using the dials on its side.


2. KLYP+

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The KLYP+ is not a single gadget instead it is a kit comprising of many products like a case to allow easy attachment and removal of Manfrotto lenses, LED photography light, compact and portable tripod and a tripod adaptor to attach the iPhone to any standard tripod.

Case – it is the two-part hard plastic item with a lens mount onto which you can attach a variety of Manfrotto Lenses for iPhone. The case has beveled edge all around for attaching the various adaptors and other attachments like Tripod mounts and LED Light and these attachments can slide onto the edges of the case.

Lenses – KLYP+ kit includes a range of interchangeable lenses developed by Manfrotto and can be mounted on the KLYP+ case. The lenses consists of a wide angle/macro combination lens, a super wide-angle lens, a fisheye lens, two telephoto lenses (1.5x and 3x), and a polarizer filter.

LED Light – this is the most impressive piece in the kit to dramatically improve your low light photography. This accessory can be clipped neatly onto any side of the Manfrotto beveled case. To switch the 3 LEDS on, just press the button on the side for some seconds until it illuminates.

Tripod – the compact tripod included in it is made up of professional quality with rubber feet to avoid slipping. There is a ball adaptor which allows the mounting plate to be angled up to 35 degrees from vertical in any direction.

3. Olympus Air A01

Image Source: pocket-lint


The Olympus Air A01 is a compact camera with no integrated display and the images are composed using a smartphone or tablet. The communication link between the camera and smartphone is WiFi and OA (Central for Olympus Air, air A01’s dedicated app.

It is an “Open Platform Camera” for smartphones, which gives it an optical zoom, high quality images and better performance to shoot outstanding photos.

4. Live Action Camera Grip

Image Source: freshnessmag


An amazing gadget from the company mostly known its cables and computer peripherals i.e. Belkin. The Live Action Camera Grip from Belkin for iPhone and iPod and turns it into a digital camera.

The gadget has a perfectly contoured, soft-touch design that fits perfectly into your hand for live action video and photo capture. It has separate buttons for video and photo and a third button for fast-fire shutter button. When you have clicked a picture, intuitive on-screen controls let you upload your special pictures directly onto Facebook or into an email without having to open another program.

The gadget works in coordination with the LiveAction App, which is free to download from the App Store.

5. FLIR One

Image Source: nightvisionreport


FLIR One is the perfect gadget to view the invisible world that is right next to the one we see every day. FLIR ONE’s thermal camera lets you visualize the surroundings in the dark, detect small variations in the heat in the surroundings and lets you inspect your home and save on electricity bills. It lets you find problems around the house like inspecting insulations holdings, electrical problems and water damage.

FLIR ONE has two cameras. Lepton Camera allows the FLIR ONE to take thermal reading. Standard Camera captures a standard picture which provides physical detail to the raw thermal reading. Some of the features of FLIR ONE are

  1. Radiometric – The gadget can measure temperatures between -20 Degree Celsius to 120 Degree Celsius on any spot in a scene.
  2. FLIR MSX – This feature details from the color camera and embosses it on top of the thermal image taken from the FLIR One camera to give you a more detailed image than ever in a single image.
  3. Palettes – It gives you nine dynamic color palette options like arctic, coldest, contrast, gray, hottest, iron, lava, rainbow and color wheel.
  4. One Fit Compatibility – It is an adjustable-height connector which ensure that FLIR ONE fits your phone and tablet even with the case on.
  5. FLIR ONE App – The app is compatible with phone and smartwatches. The app is quite engaging and tells you about all unique ways to use the FLIR One. The app even includes the Tips and Tricks videos for training you on how to use the gadget. You can connect to the worldwide FLIR ONE community through the app and also allows sharing to the social media.

6. Z-Prime Lens Kit from Ztylus

Image Source: amazon


If you are a die-hard fan of photography and always buy things of best quality, it is the best mobile photography gadget for them. The kit includes Super Wide-Angle Lens, 2x Telephoto Lens, a new protective case for iPhone 6 and 6s and unique lens carrier device.

Super Wide-Angle Lens is particularly suited for landscape and architectural photography as it gives you a 100-degree field of view with very less distortion. Telephoto Lens is best for closer look of the subject and portrait photography.

The Z-Prime lenses attach directly to the Ztylus Case using a bayonet twist mount. Ztylus lenses also comes with a cap to protect the lenses from scratches when not in use. All the Z-Prime lenses each comes with a built-in spring-loaded lens cap that flips out of the way with the press of a button.

7. Bevel

Image Source: imgix


Bevel is the first mobile photography gadget of its kind which turns your ordinary smartphone or tablet into an amazing 3D Camera. Plug the bevel in the headphone jack of your smartphone and go on clicking amazing 3D pictures right on your phone.

You can use Bevel for 3D printing unlike the pictures clicked with other 3D attachments which create an illusion of 3D. It uses an eye safe laser light and the camera of the smartphone to capture photographs in a whole new dimension.

8. Sony DSC-QX100

Image Source: anandtech


Though smartphone cameras have improved dramatically, but the image quality could not be compared with the high-end cameras. But the smartphone and the point-and-shoot by nature are not companions.

Smartphones gives you the ease of sharing the images on the spot whereas camera gives good pixel quality image but does not let you share the images on the spot. The latest effort of Sony to give both functionality in one is the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-QX100 and QX10, the lens modules designed explicitly for use with smartphones.

It uses components from one of Sony’s best compact cameras to achieve that high image quality. Each unit contains a lens, sensor and processor and your smartphone provides the user interface.

9. Moment Lenses

Image Source: cbsistatic


We are well aware of the camera quality of iPhones, but adding an additional lens to enhance its ability would be like the most amazing thing for photography geeks. Moment lenses offer two variety one Wide Lens and second the Tele Lens.

Attaching the lenses to the phone is very easy. It comes packed with a special adhesive plate. The lenses are compatible with all models of iPhone, so whenever you upgrade your iPhone with the latest model just upgrade the adhesive plate. And go on enjoying using the Moment Lenses.

10. Dot

Image Source: uncrate


Dot is more than a mobile photography lens. It a revolutionary attachment for iPhone users. Kogeto Dot Lens is a 360-degree lens in a pitch-black color and can be clipped on to iPhone 5, 4 and 4S. Hence, you can shoot and share panoramic and fully-interactive video.

Using Dot is very easy, just snap it to your iPhone’s camera, shoot a Dotspots (360-Degree panoramic video), then post it to Facebook or share with your friends through emails with Kogeto’s free Looker app. To spin the video angle around the full 360-degree field of view, the person just need to swipe across the screen.

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