Top 10 Best Mobile Coupon and Cashback Apps to Save Money for Shopping

AliExpress Fashion Coupon
AliExpress Fashion Coupon

This is the list of 10 Best Mobile Coupons and Cashback Apps.

As you already know it is very hard to find the genuine cashback app that really works.

Don’t worry!

I have done that for you. Today, I will show you the complete list of 10 Best Coupon and Cashback Apps that will help you to save money.

The Best Part?

These apps are not normal coupon code apps; they are much more than that each has its own useful feature.

Before going ahead on the topic, let’s have a quick look at these apps.

  • Ibotta
  • WikiBuy
  • Groupon
  • Rakuten
  • Honey
  • SavingStar
  • Checkout51
  • Slickdeals
  • Receipt Hog
  • Shopkick

Now, let’s know how to use these apps and how they work.

1. Ibotta

Ibotta is best for obtaining cash back for buying groceries. You can use Ibotta on your mobile phone as well as a laptop. Ibotta has a mobile app as well as a chrome browser extension for desktop users.

Ibotta got you coated with money back at over a hundred and fifty on-line retailers, food delivery services, travel sites, film tickets, and more.

You can use your laptop to fill up while not going away from the house or search with the Ibotta app once you’re on the go.

Ibotta provides you cashback on your purchases once you sponsor quite a hundred and fifty on-line retailers, as well as concert and film tickets, food delivery, and more.

Link loyalty accounts for your favorite retailers within the Ibotta app to form earning money back even easier.

Once you use your connected loyalty accounts at checkout, your purchases are connected to qualifying offers on your list, and you’ll see the money back in your Ibotta earnings.

2. Fetch Reward

Fetch Rewards is another free app for getting cashback and rewards for groceries shopping. It works on mostly all the grocery stores.

It provides you free 2000 fetch rewards as a signup bonus and later on you can redeem these points in the form of gift cards.

Shop at any favorite stone and after shopping, just submit your shopping receipt and if you have bought something from participating brands then you will get points for shopping for those products.

3. Dosh

Dosh is another free app to get cashback and rewards for shopping groceries and different types of stuff. The best part about Dosh, you don’t need to do anything, everything will be automatically done by dosh.

To start earning cashback with Dosh, create a free account on Dosh and connect your credit cards and debit cards with Dosh, and the rest of the things will be done by Dosh for you.

You can shop usually as you shop, you don’t need to apply any types of coupon codes as well as don’t need to submit any of your shopping receipts. Just shop usually and cashback will be added to your account once your order is reported by Dosh.

You can easily shop on the brands like Walmart, Disney, GNC Live Well, Philosophy, Backcountry, InstaCart, PizzaHut, Proactive, Sephora, Finish line.

The reason why I have mentioned this app in our post is you don’t need to do anything, just link your credit card with Dosh and the rest of the things will be done automatically

Once you’ve collected $25 in your account, you can easily transfer that $25 Directly to your bank accounts or PayPal.

4. Honey

Honey is a Chrome, Firefox, and Opera Extension that helps you to get coupon codes to get cashback during shopping.

The reason why I have listed this app in our post is it is easy to access, in one click you can generator thousands of coupon codes for any product that you want.

When you want to get cashback during the check out of any product, there will be a popup generated by the honey, just click on that popup, and honey will automatically generate thousands of coupon codes for you and apply the best one for you.

The best part about Honey is it is more reliable as well as trustable because it is in the market for a very long time, so, the coupons that are generated from honey are worthy.

Honey gives you cashback in the form of “Honey Gold”  points that you can redeem into the form of gift cards.

5. Freebird

Freebird is one of the best free apps to get cash back at your rides. For now, the app is able to get cashback for Uber and Lyft accounts.

To start getting cashback with Freebird, just connect your Uber or lyft account with your free bird account. After connecting your account with Uber or Lyft, you will start getting cash back once you’ll ride with Uber or Lyft

You don’t need any type of coupon to apply while payment, everything will be automatically done by Freebird. But it is not only limited to ride it also provides rewards for eating food at the Freebird local restaurant as well as a bar within the area of your ride.

To get cashback on the local restaurant as well as a bar, connect your credit card with a Freebird account that you will use to pay at a restaurant and bar.

In short, if you really want to get cashback as well as reward on your rides and eating food on a restaurant as well as a bar, Freebird is waiting for you

6. Paribus

Paribus is one of the best apps for getting cashback and rewards while shopping online or even after shopping. Paribus helps much more than providing coupon codes and cashback.

It has three main features which makes it one of the best apps for cashback and rewards.

Paribus is a very good alternative for baking in terms of tracking the price of any product as well as notifying you whenever the price of that product drops. Well, Paribus and Wikibuy are owned by the same company that is Capital One.

But, it not only notify you but also To get your money refund whenever the price of any product drops. So if you use Wikibuy for its price tracking feature you must try very Paribus because it is more than that.

The next amazing feature of Paris is it helps you to get compensation if any product delivers late. So if you get late delivery for most of the time Paribus can earn a good amount for dollars for you.

Along with these all useful features, it has one more feature that helps you to keep tracking your return delivery so that you won’t miss any return delivery in the future.

7. Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is somewhat different from other apps, it helps you to earn cash back on my groceries and gas. For saving money on grocery and shopping checkout 51 is one of the best apps.

To earn cashback with the checkout 51 first of all, download the free app available on the app store and play store and create an account on it.

After creating an account on it, shop on any grocery stores and gas, and submit your receipt. As soon as your receipt is approved, cashback will be credited to your account.

Checkout 51 updates their list every week on Sunday with new saving opportunities. You can check out which one is beneficial for you.

Checkout 51 has a partnership with over 5000 gas stations and grocery brands like Dollar General, CVS health, Kelloggs, Loreal, Hindustan Unilever, BAWER, Johnson Johnson P, and G.

So if you have any checkout 51 partnered grocery stores as well as gas stations near you, must check out this app.

8. Rakuten

Rakuten is another great app that helps you to get cashback and rewards for your online shopping. It helps you to get up to 40% cash back at over 2500 stores. There are different ways to get cashback at Rakuten.

To get cashback with Rakuten, first of all, download it and then sign up. After downloading the app, go on the Rakuten app and shop at your favorite stores that are in partnership with Rakuten.

And as soon as your order will be reported to the Rakuten app, cashback will be added to your account.

It has different types of offers and deals like in-store cashback offers, featured daily deals, Friday’s Hot Deals.

It has different types of brand stores where it offers extra cashback like Athleta, Banana Republic,, Coach outlet, New York and company, The Body Shop, MACYS, Belk,, Nike.

The best part about this app as it provides a signup bonus of $10 which is which can be a great reason to download it.

You can easily redeem your kind back into the form of the big fat check for Paypal payment. Rakuten sends your cashback after every quarter into your account.

9. ShopKick

Shopkick is another free cashback app that helps you to earn cashback for your shopping.

Shopkick helps you to find the best deals and offers as well as it also helps to earn the cashback at the same time.

Whenever you will go to any partner stores and scan the receipt and make a purchase, you’ll get points for that. These points are called kicks in the Shopkick.

Not only, you can earn just for walking into the stores too. Whenever you’ll go to the brand stores, just open your device and follow the instructions mentioned in the app and you’ll earn kicks for that.

You can easily redeem this Shopkick into your favorite gift cards like Amazon Gift Card, PayPal Gift Card, and much more whatever you want.

10. Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is an easy to use cashback app that helps you to earn cashback for your shopping. The name in itself is sufficient to define it. It is all about submitting your shopping receipt.

You can shop wherever you want, in any brand you want. After shopping at any brands shops and stores, just scan your receipt and fill the surveys and you will easily get cashback into your receipt hog account.

Companies use this data to improve their product and do proper market research. In return, companies pay to this app and this app pays us for submitting a receipt.

But, this app is only available in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. You’ll not get any cashback for submitting shopping receipts for other countries.

You can also participate in Hog Slots, paid surveys, free shopping trips, and more to earn points in Receipt Hog. You can redeem these points into different Gift Cards like Amazon Gift cards, PayPal or even you can transform it into cash.

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Which App is Best for Cashback and Rewards

Here, you have a list of 10 best apps for cashback and rewards. It is very hard to choose any one app from this list and call it the best app for rewards and cashback.

Because every app has its own useful feature so we can’t decide any app as the best app for cashback and rewards.

The best thing that you can do is go and check out every app that is mentioned in the post.

For example, if you want to save money or want to get a coupon code for grocery shopping you can try Wikibuy or Ibotta. If you want to save money on groceries as well as on gas stations at the same time you might try Checkout 51.

Just like this choose your category in which you want to save and see if the app for that shopping is available on our list or not if yes try it out if that isn’t working well for you to try another app.

You can also try Acorns Found Money Feature to save your money on online shopping if you use acorns for saving and investing your money.

If you will ask me I will surely tell you to check out Paribus, Rakuten, Wikibuy as well as Checkout 51 because Checkout 51 is available on the gas station too.

And the reason for using Wikibuy is it tracks the price of products that have been used in the past and let you know whenever the price of that product will be dropped.

Bottom Line for Best Coupon and Cashback Apps

Here, you have the complete list of 10 Best Mobile Coupons and Cashback Apps.

In short: if you are searching for the best coupon and cashback, try to find out whether your favorite brands are mentioned in the app or not, the useful features of apps, and which app gives the most cash back and discount.

Now I would like to hear from you:

Which are you going to try from this list?

Are you going to try Ibotta?

Or maybe you’ll try Shopkick or Rakuten.

Either way, let me know your opinions in the comments section below.

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