Top 10 Best PC Optimizer Software For Windows in 2024

PC Optimization Software

In this article, we’ll be going through the list of the very best PC optimizer software available for the Windows platform in 2020.

What is a PC Optimizer?

A PC optimizer is an app/software that is used to clean out junks or unnecessary caches and make your PC faster. There are a lot of these software programmes out there, some of which come as a standalone cleaner while others come with additional features to serve other purposes.

These cleaner apps make your PC faster and also free up storage space in the process. All PCs with apps on them have folders with files they need to function properly. Now, if and when the apps get deleted from your PC, in most cases, the folders don’t get deleted with the app. This will cause you to have files occupying space on your storage for an app you don’t even have any more.

For just one app, the size of the cache might be small/insignificant but for tons of apps deleted overtime, the numbers might take a huge chunk out of your storage space. This is where a cleaner comes in. It finds those types of folders that aren’t in use anymore and deletes it. It also deletes cache data of apps you still have, speeding up the app and the whole PC in the process as well as freeing up the storage.

In a nutshell, it pays to have a cleaner app on your PC so as to keep your PC clean of junks and running at optimal speed.

Below are some of the best PC optimizer software you should take a look at this 2020.

Best PC Optimizer Software For Windows in 2020

Piriform CCleaner

CCleaner needs no introduction as it is by far, one of the best cleaners on PC. For one, it is a one-click cleaner which means you only have to click one button for it to scans your computer for junks and clean them. Doing this will give your PC 28% more RAM and also double your PC bootup speed. CCleaner has a free version and a paid version, the latter comes with a lot more features than the former. Download CCleaner Here

Norton Utilities

Norton Utilities PC optimizer

The name Norton is pretty popular and chances are, you might have heard of it. Norton Utilities is part of the Norton antivirus software and the two are developed by the same people. Norton Utilities although being a cleaner app still has an antivirus feature as part of functions. Similar to CCleaner, it is also using a one-click method so it is very easy to use. There is also a feature that clears out your browsing history in order to protect your privacy. Download Norton Utilities Here

PC Decrapifer

PC Decrapifer is a PC app that has a weird name but does exactly what the name implies – it Decrapifies your PC; removing all the crap from your PC. Now, unlike the first two apps on this list which cleans out junks and caches from your storage and clears your RAM, this app right here focuses on removing unwanted apps, including the ones that come with your PC.

It’s no news that some apps automatically start running in the background immediately you start up your PC thereby taking up resources and slowing down your PC. The PC Decrapifer lets you uninstall all that and keeps your PC running at full speed. It isn’t a one-click method like the rest but it has a straightforward process. Download PC Decrapifer Here

IObit Advanced SystemCare

IObit Advanced SystemCare PC optimizer

IObit Advanced SystemCare is pretty much like CCleaner and Norton Utilities but with some features, the first two are lacking. IObit Advanced SystemCare is also a one-click cleaner like this rest but it comes with a tab to help you keep an eye on the condition of your disk(HDD or SSD). It also protects your personal data from any app with a prying eye and greatly improves your PC startup time. Download IObit Advanced SystemCare Here

ITL Windows Optimiser

ITL Windows Optimiser is regarded as one of, if not the very best optimizer and cleaner for PC available. Unfortunately, the interface and the number of features it has might be too overwhelming for a beginning. Thankfully, most of the features it has uses the famous one-click method to do the job. Features of the ITL Windows Optimiser a Malware scanner, Invalid Registry Scanner, Web protection and of course, Junks/Cache scanner. There is also a one-click button to scan for everything all at once. Download ITL Windows Optimiser Here


There are many PC optimization software programmes out there, but the ones we have listed below will no doubt help to free and clean your PC. Let’s know which PC optimizer you are currently using.

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