Top 10 UC Browser Add-ons to Download

Top 10 UC Browser Add-ons To Download

Top 10 UC Browser Add-ons To Download: UC Browser is an alternative to the many Internet browsers you can find for Android. It has a simple interface, but this is more than enough to enjoy surfing the web. UC Browser is a web browser built for low-end computers and slow connections. It comes with a dedicated download manager, cloud sync, theme customization, add-ons, and more. To create its unique browsing experience, it loads photos and links before you click them.

Top 10 UC Browser Add-ons To Download

List of Best UC Browser Add-ons To Download

Uc Browser Add-ons are plugins that are expected to enhance the performance of the Uc Browser and also add extra features to the browser. The Uc browser add-ons cannot be run independently, you need the Uc Browser installed on your phone for the add-ons to work. In no particular order we have;

Find in Page

You can use “Find in Page” to search for specific keywords within a webpage. Just click on the “Find in Page” add-on from the add-on panel and type the keyword you want to find.

Facebook Add-on

Facebook Add-on for UC Browser can greatly improve your experience when browsing Facebook, including advanced features like Faster-Browsing mode and Push Notifications.

Video Downloader

After installing this add-on, I no longer make use of some Android apps to download videos from HTML5 websites like YouTube, etc. I just simply use the UC Browser, locate the video, and click the play button. Once it starts playing you will see a download icon at the right-hand side of the video, click it to start the download.

Save Page Add-on

I used the Save Page Add-on anytime I come across an important web page I would like to read offline. Also, the Web page is saved in HTML format.

Speed Mode Add-on

With Speed mode add-on, you can change webpage display between lite version,mobile version and desktop verison.
Just need three steps.
Step 1: Click speed mode add-on
Step 2: Switch the option.
Step 3: Refresh webpage.

Browse Faster

Browse Faster Add-on kills all background applications eating your Phone RAM and make browsing fasting with just one click.

Unzip Add-on

With this Add-on, I easily extract all rar and zip files immediately I download them or feel like unzipping the file. Just like most file managers.

Ads Block Add-on

Are tired of seeing some crazy pop-up ads and advertisement on some websites you visit? Then install Ads Block.

Screenshot Add-on

Take a screenshot of your current window and share with friends.

Clipboard Manager

Simple clipboard manager with clipboard history. I always use this add-on to temporarily store some links or text.

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