Top 5 Best Places to Study Technology 2021


Choosing the best university to study technology in the United States, students were once guided by the Ivy League, which brings together universities with a centuries-old reputation.

Today, however, tradition and experience are no longer the defining qualities of a good university.

Educational rankings take into account much more information and are updated every year. 

What are the Parameters for Evaluating the Best Universities?

The US News Best Colleges national ranking includes universities that are renowned for groundbreaking research and outperform other universities on 15 academic scores. And the compilers of the global ranking of world universities – World University Rankings, paying attention to the academic reputation of universities, assesses them according to six indicators:

  • research results
  • quality of teaching
  • employer reviews
  • career potential
  • number of foreign students
  • number of teachers

Keep in mind that if you choose one of these universities, studying there will not be easy. You will receive many tasks, which will be difficult to complete by yourself. But don’t worry, as there are services that can help you.

For example, you can buy a lab report online, if the topic is difficult for you or you don’t have enough time. This will save you time, and you will be sure the assignment is done correctly.

Let’s take a look at which five universities offer the best programs in technology studies.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

This is perhaps the most famous technical university in the world, both as a university and a large research structure. The founders of MIT sought to create a university based on a completely new teaching methodology, and they succeeded.

The university has become a world leader in the field of engineering, and now, 60% of its students choose this area to study. Physics, computer science, and electronic engineering are the most popular among students from abroad. Also, economics, business, natural sciences, linguistics, and more are taught here at a high level.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is ranked first in the World University Rankings 2020 and third in the US News Best Colleges 2020 national ranking.

Brilliant career opportunities open up for MIT alumni, but even while studying, you can become part of a global project. For example, it was MIT students who won against 99 rival teams in the competition for the right to design the Hyperloop, a vacuum train project that Elon Musk is working on.

2. Stanford University

Stanford University was initially focused on practical activities, as students are taught to apply academic knowledge in life. Most are graduate students, and every second graduate student is an engineer.

The university is located in Silicon Valley. Here are the headquarters of world corporations, and on the street, you can easily meet a business legend. The structure of the university includes many faculties, schools, research centers, and a scientific and industrial complex.

Stanford University prepares highly qualified specialists in engineering, entrepreneurship, biochemistry, neurobiology, and information technology. The international rating listed Stanford University in second place among American universities and internationally in sixth place. 

Do you know about the so-called “Duck Syndrome”? The relaxed atmosphere of Stanford University and the positive attitude of the students are compared to a duck that quietly glides along the water’s surface – but this serenity is achieved by the active work of the duck’s legs, which are not visible from the outside.

3. Harvard University

Harvard University is the first university in America with billionaire graduates (judging by the number of graduates with this status) and the alma mater of eight US presidents.

The best Harvard departments offer programs in IT, social sciences, politics and law, biology, history, mathematics, and physical sciences. In total, the university has 13 academic divisions. The Harvard University Library is the largest university library in the world.

According to the World University Rankings, Harvard is in third place among the best universities in the United States, and US News Best Colleges puts it in second place.

Harvard University is older than mathematical analysis and a contemporary of Galileo Galilei. Harvard turns 385 in 2021.

4. California Institute of Technology

“The Truth Shall Make You Free” is the motto of Caltech, which, like MIT, specializes in the hard sciences. It has six academic divisions with a focus on science and technology.

They go to Caltech to study physics, mathematics, astronomy, chemistry, biology, geology, as well as the humanities.

5. University of Chicago

“The place where the fun comes to die” – this is how students at the University of Chicago talk about their university. The most popular areas that they choose are IT, economics, mathematics, biology, and political science.

The structure of the university includes a college, graduate school, interdisciplinary committees, as well as six vocational education institutions: medical school, schools of business, law, social services, and even seminary.

If you want to get the best possible education in technology, choose one of these universities and you will not regret it. Good luck!

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