Top 5 Most Curved Screen Smartphones – 2023 (Samsung being the Least)

Top 5 Most Curved Screen Smartphones - 2020 (Samsung being the Least)
The Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha


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Started with the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, which was basically a failure that taught Samsung a great lesson, to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge… their first well-done smartphone with a curved display. They received huge accolades for their brand new innovation and did a very good job with it. This display format went on to all the S7 Edge, then to all their S series smartphones… until the Samsung Galaxy S20 series that had the smallest curved display on their smartphones. It was barely noticeable.

While Samsung is minimizing the curvature of their displays, other OEMs are… increasing it. The biggest thing here is that Samsung actually provides them with all these displays ???? strange. There are some smartphones with pretty high curvature for their curved screens, so… below is the top 5.

The 5 Most Curved Screen Smartphones in 2023… with Samsung being the Least


Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus

This is the best Samsung smartphone with the greatest curvature in overall. Though, it’s not as steep as the S8 series and above, it has the longest curves here, and I think it deserves some respect. There is the steeper Note Edge, but its curve is on just its right side.

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Plus

Huawei Mate 30 Pro

Our first on the list is an Huawei smartphone… that has no Google apps on it, including PlayStore????. No matter the case may be, the design of this smartphone is phenomenal with the Waterfall Curved Display on this beast.

The display is so curved that the screen actually reaches the place where your side buttons (volume keys and power button) are meant to be… so no side buttons on this device ????. Huawei implemented a software volume rocker that iu can activate by double tapping, then sliding up or down on the side of the screen to adjust the volumes. It doesn’t matter whether it’s on the left or right… for our leftie readers, this will be an upside. There is also haptic feedback for that… feeling.

Other specs include that it is an AMOLED display (How will you bend LCD??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️?), with a 1440p resolution and HDR10+ support…????

Huawei Mate 30 Pro

But there is this waterfall display smartphone that does something crazier about the side buttons

Vivo Nex 3

Yep… Vivo. They have always been one of the great technology innovators as they have so many new technologies used by smartphones today in their name; the use of an Optical in-display fingerprint scanner and the Mechanical Pop-up camera???? to Vivo.

Instead of a software gimmick for the side rocker replacement, they’ve decided to opt into the use of Pressure Sensors at the side of the phone. So if you hold down a part of the phone with a customizable amount of pressure, you can control the volume rockers as you like. The pressure sensors has also been implemented to perform various shortcuts based on how hard you hold the phone…. Cool.

Vivo Nex 3. Credit: Endgadget

You know I said that Vivo are great innovators. Well, they done another crazy one this time… a crazier one, with their

Vivo Nex 3s

Rather than a ‘simple’ waterfall display (? simple, my a*s), they pulled the curved easy lower into a 120° Curved Display!!! 120°????. The display essentially curves up to where the back of your smartphone would normally curve. Strangely, there are no accidental touches you get from most of Samsung’s curved smartphones, thanks to software.

This is getting too much isn’t it? Well… that is not the ending. To save the best for the last… I give you;

The Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha

A ‘concept’ smartphone that some people have access to already… with its display essentially warping around the entire phone. The only place on the phone that isn’t covered with screen is the vertical portion for the camera modules. Xiaomi states that the smartphone would take viewing experience and multitasking to a whole new level. It is so futuristic and crazy that it feels impractical for its time.

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Top 5 Most Curved Screen Smartphones - 2023 (Samsung being the Least)

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