Top 5 most similar games to PUBG Mobile Lite for 1GB RAM phones

PUBG Mobile Lite is a famous battle royale game which is not available to Indian players anymore. It is known for its low-device requirements, meaning that this title can run on low-end phones with ease.

Are you in search of games like PUBG Mobile Lite now that the ban is in effect? If so, you have come to the right place! Moreover, if you are upset about the fact that your smartphone only has 1GB RAM, you need not be disappointed, as all these offerings can run on such phones.

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Five most similar games to PUBG Mobile Lite for 1 GB RAM phones

These are some best alternatives for you to try:

1. Battle Royale 3D – Warrior63


Like you did in PUBG Mobile Lite, you are required to search for supplies and weapons when you land on an island. You must remember to avoid the Poison Zone while fighting enemies.

Battle Royale 3D will offer you a map that is sprawled over 4×4 km. If you want to travel from one place to another, there are many vehicles that you can use.

Download it from here.


2. Battlelands Royale


The ultimate goal of Battlelands Royale is to survive till the end, just like PUBG Mobile Lite. This title is a simple battle royale one with cartoonish characters that are fun to play with.

There can be a total of 32 players, and the matches are very short and last about two to three minutes each, depending on your survival time. This game does not consume a lot of space, as it is a little over 100 MB in size.

Download it from here.

3. ScarFall: The Royale Combat

This title is a celebrated BR offering compatible with both high and low-end smartphones. Moreover, an internet connection is not mandatory to play ScarFall.

This game improves your chances of survival by allowing you to respawn three times. The gameplay is very similar to PUBG Mobile Lite, so you would not have any problems getting accustomed to it.

Download it from here.

4. Battle Royale: FPS Shooter

This game features semi-pixelated, cartoonish characters that you can play with. The arsenal of weapons provided is more than sufficient for you to kill enemies as well.

Battle Royale also has a shrinking time zone that will surely remind you of PUBG Mobile Lite. This title also has a feature called auto-shooting, which will make it easier for you to gun down opponents.

Download it from here.

5. Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival

This is a battle royale game where you will have to fight for survival. It is appreciated for its controls, and if you are a PUBG Mobile Lite player, it would be easier for you.
The total number of players in Hopeless Land is more than twice that of PUBG Mobile Lite, so the matches last longer. You can pick up guns and supplies from the abandoned houses on the battlefield.

Download it from here.


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