Top 5 Various versions of PUBG Mobile around the world

When India’s most played battle royale game, PUBG Mobile, was banned by the government, many mobile gamers had their hearts broken. If you are an Indian gamer, you must be familiar with two versions of this title, PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite. But did you know that there are more versions of this globally popular battle royale game?

Various versions of PUBG Mobile in different countries

A few countries have their version of PUBG Mobile, and while the gameplay is similar, there are minor changes as well. The most famous version of this BR offering in India is currently the Korean version. Of course, this is because of the ban on the global version still being in effect.

The popular version of this game, apart from the global version, is PUBG Mobile Korea/Japan. The rest of the country-specific versions are prevalent in their respective countries.

If you are an Indian battle royale gamer, you must be hoping for PUBG Mobile to come back soon somehow. While you keep your fingers crossed, take a look at the various versions of this title around the globe:

1. PUBG Mobile global


This is the main version of PUBG Mobile played by the most players across the world. This title is big when it comes to various esports tournaments conducted by different organisations.

2. PUBG Mobile Korea/Japan


The star attraction of this game is that it gets the updates quicker than the global version. It also gives its players better rewards, including cheaper and a broader range of skins, which makes gamers play this title even more.

3. Game For Peace


Game For Peace is the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile. It was developed by Tencent Games targeting the Chinese audience playing battle royale games. It is not much different from the original version.

4. PUBG Mobile Vietnam


The Vietnam or VN version of PUBG Mobile is developed specifically for players from Vietnam. Although it is available only on Google Play Store in this Asian country, there are other ways to download it as well.

5. PUBG Mobile Taiwan

PUBG Mobile Taiwan (TW) is meant for Taiwanese mobile gamers, and the gameplay of is entirely identical to the global version.
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