Top 6 weapon charms in Deathloop

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Weapon trinkets in Deathloop are kind of cannon upgrades. Before the start of each level, the player can change his uniform. This is where you need to equip key fobs (up to four). The higher the level of the cannon, the more trinkets you can hang on it.

As with weapons, there is a rarity system for upgrades (indicated by colors). In this guide, we are talking about magenta key rings. There are 14 of them in total , so the eyes run up a bit. To solve this problem, we checked them all in action to find out which are the most useful and what can be hung on almost every gun.

6. “From the hip”

Weapons in shooters always have their pros and cons – all for the sake of balance. Good range and rate of fire often come with the price of precision. But not with this lotion, which allows you not to lose control over the spread.

Hang the keychain on high-speed and powerful cannons (such as “Legacy” and “Thorn”) and you will be able to deal with enemies from a long distance and not sweat so much when trying to go unnoticed.

5. “Lightning strike”

Ideally combined with the previous trinket, because it allows you to increase the distance at which you can deal damage. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is a sniper rifle, but this upgrade also has more interesting use cases.

For example, if you hang this keychain on the already mentioned “Legacy”, then you will immediately turn into an unstoppable killing machine. A little residium in the furnace – and the perfect cannon is ready.

4. “Big shop”

As the name suggests, the keychain allows you to increase the size of your magazine. Do I need to explain something here? After all, there is never a lot of cartridges, so this keychain is an absolute must-have for your favorite weapon.

Ideally combined with “LEPP-10” (which, by the way, appeared in our top dedicated to weapons ).

3. “Fast recharge”

An excellent choice for those who prefer large, rapid-fire cannons. In the end, the rather long reload time of such a weapon kills not only the fun, but also the Colt himself.

But this keychain is good not only for machine guns. It goes well, in principle, with any cannon, and if you hang the previous upgrade (“Big Shop”) nearby, then you will simply be impossible to stop. Of the non-obvious, but extremely effective combinations – “Breteiro Sepulator”.

2. “Perforator”

Imagine a situation: there is a large crowd of enemies in front of you, and you do not have the time and desire to bypass them, stealth and clean one by one, or wait until they dissolve on their own. Well, if you have a “Puncher” on your weapon, then you have one more option – just kill them all at once. After all, this is more than possible when a bullet pierces through the enemy and can hit several at once. Fun and never boring.

This gadget is good in that it is suitable not only for guns designed for an aggressive style of play, but also for sniper rifles. Well, what could be cooler than killing two enemies at once with one verified shot? Try it, you will like it.

1. “Heavy fire”

The description of the item promises that the keychain will make you a force that brings death to all living things. In this case, one cannot even complain that this is an artistic exaggeration. Well, maybe only if just a little. It is ideally combined with any weapon in the game and turns the Colt into a power comparable only to the raging elements.

If you hang this keychain on the MG-1 along with the “Big Shop” and “Fast Reload”, you can safely go to clean at least the entire map. If only there were enough cartridges.

What are the best improvements in your opinion? Perhaps your passage is impossible without “Always at hand” and “Energy leech”?

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