Top Rated: 30 Best TECNO Phones, Spec and Prices in Nigeria for 2020

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OK,  you have been looking for the best Tecno phones to buy this year? and you are probably overwhelmed with a number of phones Tecno releases every year?

Never worry;

In this article, you will see all the Best Smartphones Tecno has got to offer. No doubt there are so many TECNO smartphones right now, and it is kind of difficult making the right decision.

TECNO Mobile is known for pioneering the affordable midrange Androidrevolution in Africa. Even after a couple of years, the company is still dominating Africa’s mobile phone industry.

It might be a little bit overwhelming to choose a good TECNO smartphone to buy. But don’t worry, I will be listing all the best phones from Tecno with specs and prices in Nigeria below.

Best Tecno Phones -Updated

So which TECNO phone is the best to buy?

TECNO has different phones for different types of people. There are five different phone series from TECNO.

A. We have the Phantom Series-The TECNO Phantom is the most premium and the most expensive TECNO phone you can buy.

The Phantom Series has everything you need in a phone. They come with decent battery life, good hardware and camera.

If fact, the TECNO Phantom has the best camera quality among the different phone series from TECNO. The Camon series is the second-best in terms of the camera from the brand.

So under the TECNO Phantom, we have the Phantom 9, Phantom 8, Phantom 6 Plus and Phantom 6 as the current TECNO Phantom you can buy right now.

Other such as the Phantom 5, Phantom Z, Z mini, Phantom A are no longer in the market

List of the Best TECNO Phantom

1. TECNO Phantom 9

2. TECNO Phantom 8

3. Phantom 6 Plus 

Phantom 6 Plus might sound old to you, but it is still one of the best around with its deca-core processor,4050mAh battery,  64GB internal storage, 4GB RAM, 21MP rear camera, you won’t go wrong picking this device up as your daily driver in 2020

The Best TECNO Camon smartphones

B. Also, there is the TECNO Camon Series: The Camon Series is the camera-centric smartphone from TECNO. This means if your primary concern or the reason you buy a phone is the camera, then, the Camon series might just be what you need. There are so many devices under this category.

But which TECNO Camon smartphones are the best to buy?

The best TECNO Camon phones are;

1. Camon 15 Series

The Camon 15 Series is the recent Camon smartphone from TECNO. They are available in three versions. We have the Camon 15, the Camon 15 Air and the Camon 15 Premier.

The Premier variant is the most premium and it comes with a 64MP-quad camera and a pop-up 32MP selfie shooter. For more detailed specs and price of each of these devices, check out the Camon 15, the Camon 15 Air and the 15 Premier.

2. TECNO Camon 12 Pro

The Camon 12 Pro is an amazing Camon device from TECNO, for more detailed review, check out the full specs and price here.

3. TECNO Camon 12

This is another great phone from TECNO, released last year. We have a comprehensive review of the device here.

4. TECNO Camon 12 Air

Tecno Camon 12 Air was one of the Camon 12 Series launched last year. It comes with a punch-hole display and a 5000mAh battery. Check out the full specs and price here

5. Camon 11 Pro

TECNO Camon 11 Pro might be two years old but it is still a good TECNO phone to have any day. We did a comprehensive of the device here, do check it out.

6. Camon X Pro

This device might be a year’s old but it is still a great device to buy in 2020. The Tecno Camon X Pro which is an advanced version of the Camon X, features the same slim, sexy, sleek and beautiful body with 6.0 inches screen.

The Tecno Camon X Pro features a 24MP front selfie camera, which is 4MP higher than the regular Camon X but retains the same 16MP back camera, same as X. The sensors, body size, processor, screen size and even the battery remains the same.

7. Camon 11

TECNO Phones with the Best Battery life

A lot of people have been sending me messages, wanting to know the TECNO phones with the strongest battery.

If you are among this category of people looking for TECNO phones with 5000mAh battery capacity and above, then I can confidently tell you that the TECNO Pouvoir Series is the one to buy. Pouvoir is a French word which means power.

TECNO Pouvour phones have between 5000mAh-6000mAh battery.

The best are;

1. TECNO Pouvoir 3 Plus

If you are looking for a Tecno phone with great battery life and a decent camera,  the Pourvoir 3 Plus comes with a 6,000mAh battery and three cameras at the back. Check out the full specs here

2. Pouvour 3

Puvour 3 is another great phone released in 2019 under the pouvoir Series. The device boasts a massive 5000mAh battery and a decent camera as well. You can read the full review here

3. TECNO Pouvoir 2 Pro

This is quite a long list, the TECNO Pouvoir 2 Pro is no doubt one of my favourite devices on this list of best TECNO Smartphones because it ticks all the necessary boxes, You get a 3GB of RAM for smooth multitasking, 5000mAh battery that can last up for 2 days of normal usage, 13MP camera and 4G LTE connectivity. Let’s check the rest of the specs.

Pouvoir 2 Pro Key Specs

  • 6-inch HD+ IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 720 x 1440 pixels
  • Android 8.1 Oreo with 3GB RAM
  • Quad-core 1.5GHz MediaTek MT6750
  • 16GB built-in storage, upgradeable up to 128GB
  • 13MP rear camera and 13MP front camera
  • 5000mAh non-removable Li-Ion Battery

4. TECNO Pouvoir 3 Air

The Pouvoir 3 Air is the toned-down version of the Pouvoir 3 and it runs on Android Go Edition. It still has 5000mAb battery and a decent camera as well. See the full specs and price here.

5. TECNO Pouvoir  2

This is an update to the Pouvoir 1 budget smartphone that was released two months ago by the company. The new device has the trending Face ID feature,  bezel-less display and runs on Android 8.1 Oreo. Just like its predecessor, it packs a massive 5000mAh battery that promises up to 96 hours on normal usage. See full specs here.

7. TECNO L9 Plus 

The L9 Plus is nicknamed Power because of its massive 5000mAh battery with fast charging feature. It also boasts of 16GB internal storage, 2GB RAM and 13MP rear camera. If the reason you buy a phone is the battery, TECNO L9 Plus is among the best TECNO Smartphones you should consider getting.

Best TECNO Spark Series

The Spark Series is targeted at the Youth and they come with toned-down specs when compared to the Camon Series. You still get a decent camera and battery life when you pick any phone from the Spark series.

So which TECNO Spark phones are the best?

Below you will find the best TECNO Spark phones.

1. Spark 4 

The Spark 4 is the latest TECNO Spark phone and the best in this category. To check the full specs and price click on the link here.

2. Spark 4 Air

The Spark 4 Air has everything you will find on the Spark 4 except that why the Spark 4 has 32GB of internal memory, the Spark 4 Air has 16GB of memory.

3.  TECNO Spark 3 Pro 

4. TECNO Spark 3 ( N30,500)

The Spark 3 smartphone is one of the best affordable smartphones from TECNO and it comes in both 2GB and 1GB versions. Both models have 6.2-inch Fullview display with a notch, a 13MP +2MP rear camera, 8MP front-facing camera, 16GB of expandable storage and a 3,5000mAh battery capacity. However, both devices have different chipsets couples with different RAM configurations.

5. TECNO Spark 2

Best TECNO POP Smartphones

The TECNO Pop Series is the cheapest TECNO you can buy. They are made for low-income earners.

If your budget is very low and you are looking for a TECNO phone under N20,000-N28,000, the Pop Series has got you covered.

The best and latest from the series are

1. POP 3 Plus

The TECNO Pop 3 Plus features a 6.52” Dot Notch Screen design that offers you better visual experience. You get a decent 4000mah battery and 4G internet connectivity. For the full specs and price, click on this link.

2. POP 3

3. TECNO F3  (N25,000)


Other frequently asked questions

1. Are TECNO phones water-proof?

No TECNO phones are not water-proof at least for now.

2. Is TECNO better than Infinix?

This depends on the Series of TECNO phones. TECNO and Infinix are owned by the same company called TRANSSION HOLDINGS. For a detailed comparison between TECNO and Infinix phones, check our comparison segment.


There you have it, the list of 5 Best Tecno Phones in the market right now. Let’s know in the comment section below which one will you pick as the best and best product to buy.


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