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Tower Conquest MOD (Diamond)

Tower Conquest MOD (Diamond / Gold) – Idle Heroes, Clash of Clans, … maybe the name you are familiar with within the market. The purpose of the game is to collect the most powerful hero, form a team, and copy it. After a long game time, but you want to find a rich hero and unique skill game, it is sure that “Tower Conquest MOD (Diamond / Gold)” will be your time to restore your desires. With this game of strategy.

Fights with Royale Armies

First of all, how to play the game. This game’s primary purpose is to find and develop the perfect army to eliminate the enemy, especially the enemy’s second base. When you play a game, you can explore a world that is never-ending with beautiful animation. Like other tactical games, it is also confident that there will be a new enemy in every new world, and one later, and more complex, is the belief that gradually you will have to build a strong army that will overcome this world.

And when you overcome some of the world’s fortunes in the form of defeating the enemy, you will earn so much money, equipment, … then these factors will increase the strength of your army. Will be used. So let’s base your personal preferences on a calm and build a fortress-strong army. In addition to fighting, you can also participate in tournament tournaments for players who can learn from their opponents, such as using heroes or military builders, while displaying less power between players.

Features of Tower Conquest Mod Apk game:

  • Five separate factions comprised 70 unique characters, heroes, and towers.
  • Objective-based strategic combat that challenges your skills in defense and speed!
  • The vibrant 2D art style, with custom animation and over 50 faction-specific backgrounds.
  • Collect cards to unlock and evolve your units, allowing them to gain powerful and unique abilities!
  • A generative map system with ever-growing rewards as you meet objectives and travel to new worlds!
  • Robust daily Quest and Merchant offerings.
  • With five unique squad slots, mix and match 1,000’s of character combinations to find your perfect team!
  • Share gifts with Facebook friends and battle in challenging Player vs. Player combat.

More than 180 characters

Secondly, in the game character system, the game data consists of 5 separate groups of data, and each group will have 70 characters, heroes, and unique castles. As mentioned above, you need to lay the foundation of your stronghold and then move on. With the sheer number of heroes and castles, you’ll find many ways to work together to develop heroes with your court. What makes this game great is that each player has their extraordinary stroke. Besides, the game system lets you grow and grow into a new form of hero.

This is common in strategy games, as each hero develops new powers and attacks or escalations increase. So each of you will have a choice of 5 heroes. It combines thousands of different combinations. It’s worth the wait. With the above factors, you should make sure that it is a game for tactical game enthusiasts. And of course, this is a game that is rated (4.5 out of 5 stars). So feel free to Down!oad this game to make your powerful empire offline. I had a great time playing games.

Tower Conquest MOD Overview

Like defense and mini-war games, Tower Conquest MOD (Diamond / Gold) is one of the popular games of the Android platform, produced by Titan Mobile LLC studio, which we need to add to the diary version. Your goal is to protect your territory with the warriors you control and stop the influx of enemies due to the financial problems and general difficulties experienced inside the game. Therefore Mod Apk offers Unlimited Diamond & Gold.

So you can open chests as much as you want and develop your military forces comfortably. Characters with unique abilities, strong enemies, your castle, and more are waiting for you. Bug arrangements have been made in Tower Conquest MOD (Diamond / Gold)’s current version, and the number of supported devices has been increased. The graphics are 2D, and the sound quality is good. Controls can be provided with a double finger.

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