Towerlands Mod (Diamond/Money/Heroes)

Towerlands Mod (Money/Diamond), An addictive game that mixes the genre of a tower defense (TD) with strategy mechanics and role-playing (RPG) elements. Choose your strategy for the tower defense. You will feel like a strategic castle lord in a fantasy world. Your goal is to defend the castle from enemies and takes over new lands. To protect your castle. Also, try Kingdom Defense 2 Premium, Grow Castle, Or Castle Creeps TD.

The omnipotent wizard has re-emerged and is once again trying to sabotage the peace of the state. If you’ve got the title by chance and have never played a game like this in the Iron Head Game Studio series, you’ll know that the plot is a bit confusing. However, in many respects, the kingdom’s revenge, the empire’s retribution, was intended only by Satan. Yet, of course, you have to play the hero’s role and stop the frustration of him and the army of monsters.

Build & equip your Army

Build a city to equip and equip your army with the best weapons. Increase your tower to defend your castle from bandits, orcs, and indie attacks. Hire and train new units to raise the most powerful army in the world. Choose your strategy, conquer enemy strongholds, and earn more gold. Fight against the epic boss and get the best loot. Become a Towerland hero in battle and upgrade all the heroes like warriors, wizards, archers, and many other defenders.

In this new part, it is still a gamer, but it has many unique elements. Different methods make war more diverse and complex. The stronger the player, the stronger the monster. This new section has not been released, but it has attracted many experienced gamers. There are now over 5 million downloads in the first half. In the future, this new section will surpass your senior.

Create or join a clan

Create or join a clan to play with friends. You can exchange resources with players and fight against other families for gold and resources. Defeat everyone and build your empire as in the best empire games. In this new version, there will be new towers, each of which will hide its potential…

Consider the situation when using each of these types of towers will affect a particular kind of monster. The weird thing here is that you can add items to the five available tower defense towers. This makes the game more diverse and complex as you can create new games on this set of equipment.

Features of Towerlands Mod Apk

  • 1000 waves of enemies to survive.
  • 27 units to explore and train.
  • 30 artifacts for the craft.
  • Strategic map.
  • 6 different buildings.
  • 3 enemy races: Orcs, undead, bandits.
  • 8 locations.
  • Online clan system.
  • World ranking of players and clans.
  • You can play offline.
  • Idle gold farming.

Towerlands Mod Summary

If you like defense and mini tactical games, it is one of the popular games of the Android platform, produced by Black Bears studio, which we think you should try. Your goal is to fight against the enemy raids with the tower – heroes you control and protect your region—Towerlands – strategy of tower defense due to the game’s financial problems and general difficulties. Therefore Mod Apk offers Unlimited Diamond & Money. All heroes are unlocked.

So you can enjoy the game to the end and improve your tower and warriors. The endless enemy raids, your unique abilities, military power, and more are waiting for you. The new game mode has been added to Towerland’s current version, and bug adjustments have been made. The graphics are 2D, and the sound quality is good. Controls provided with a double finger.

Mod Info:

  • You can buy as many diamonds as you want from the real money purchase section in the game. Touch the price of the product you will buy, press the back button of your phone when it fails, the diamond is now yours. (no connection to actual purchases)
  • Buy the character you want from the real money purchase section in the game. Touch the price of the product you will buy, press the back button of your phone when it fails, the character is now yours. (no connection to actual purchases)

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