Trick on how to prevent your phone from being tracked

How to prevent your phone from being tracked. Do you know you are being spied on right now?. I bet you don’t know, but let me tell you the fact now, someone is spying on you!, How do you think ads about certain products or services start popping up on your device minutes after you search about them or words related to them?, a service on your phone is stealing your information and selling them to companies just to monetize you with it.

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Evey your current location might be tracked right now, without you knowing of it. Government agencies, companies, your parents or even anyone can track your device if you are not making use of the right measure to prevent them from doing so. Today in this article we will be talking about those right measures to take to prevent you from being tracked.

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Steps to prevent your  from phone being tracked

Disable location sevice 

The first easy mean for anyone to track your phone is when your device location service is turned on, there are dozens of app on PlayStore that tracks other devices with the location service, so you should always make Sure your device location is turned off, to do that follow the steps below.

For an android user 

Simply slide down the notification bar, and ensure that the location icon is turned off, or simply go to settings>privacy>location and switch the toggle off.

For an ios user 

Go to settings>privacy>location service and under “system service” select “significance location” to see a log of all your recent locations deactivate this and the location is turned off.

You can enable them back when needed but always remember to turn it off after use.

Turning off your location also helps to reduce battery usage.

Opt out of ads personalization 

Ads personalization collect your data and info to know more about you and target ads according to your preference to you, you can put a stop to this although it will not prevent ads from your phone it will prevent your data from being collected. Below are thr method to disable ads personalization for both android and IOS devices.

For android users 

Launch your Google play service app or go to settings>Google>Ads and enable the option “opt out of Ads personalization”.

For ios users 

Simply go to settings>privacy>Advertising and enable the option “limit Ad tracking”.

Ads will still be targeted at you but at least your data is Another step safe!.

Prevent Google from tracking you

Even after disabling location service, your data is still stored by some Google service apps. You can also stop this by following the instructions below.

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All you need to do is sign in to your Google account, click on “your personal info” then select “manage your Google activity” now select “go to Google activity”, now you will find a list of data that is being saved to your Google account now pause “location history” also “Web and app activity” to prevent any info from being saved to your Google account.

How to prevent your phone from being tracked

Using incognito mode or private browsers

If you phone’s default browser has incognito mode then i suggest you start enabling it, and if it doesn’t, you can get other third party browsers or private browsers to browse anymously on the Internet. Using incognito mode or private browsers on your device prevents your data from being leaked to any Website that you visit so no more targeted ads.

Look out for malicious websites

There are many websites out there solely designed to steal your data, before visiting a Website always ensure that there is “s” along with the http I.e website you visit should always be in this format and not like this, the addition of the “s” simply means that your data is safe and cannot be leaked.


following all the above steps will not guarantee that your data will not be retrieved or your phone cannot be tracked, all the methods mentioned above will only help reduce the rate at which your data is retrieved and your phone is tracked, there is no way to completely stop your device from being monitored, only if you are willing to isolate yourself from the Internet world forever.

We hope to have been able to help you with keeping your data safe and owning more privacy over your phone and how to prevent your phone from being tracked? If you don’t hesitate to share with friends.

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