Twitter CEO Supports Nigeria’s #EndSARS With New Emoji

A Special # has been released by CEO, Jack Dorsey, after endorsing the movement against police brutality and other unlawful crimes in .

Dorsey had declared his support for the #EndSARS protests and called for Bitcoin donations towards the movement two days ago.

Last night, people all over the world experienced problems while trying to log into their Twitter accounts.

Large numbers of users were unable to post tweets, access their timelines, or see notifications.

After fixing these issues, Jack Dorsey revealed a special #EndSARS emoji, a fist with the colour of the Nigerian flag.

Nigerians have flooded his comment session to thank him for his support and the special #EndSARS emoji he created for the movement.

See the picture below:

Twitter CEO Supports Nigeria’s #EndSARS With New Emoji