Ubisoft’s “Far Cry 6” Announces Bounced Tickets

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Ubisoft released a Weibo announcement tonight, saying that “Far Cry 6” will meet with you later.


Ubisoft said that in an unprecedented global environment, Ubisoft will spend more time polishing the game while focusing on the health of team members.

Naijatechnews.com learned that at Ubisoft Forward, Ubisoft’s first online press conference, Ubisoft officially announced the “Far Cry 6” that is still under development. The game was originally scheduled to land on the Xbox Series on February 18, 2021. X, PS5, Xbox One, PS4, Stadia, and PC platforms (Uplay and Epic Game Store only).

According to the official, “Far Cry 6” brings players to the tropical paradise, Yala, where time is in the heart of contemporary guerrilla revolution. President Anton Castillo (played by Espesido) vowed to restore his country to its former glory, while training his son Diego (played by Gonzalez) to follow in his footsteps. However, heaven has a price, and letting the country prosper means conquering those who are contrary to his ideals. In this turbulent island country, players will experience the excitement and chaos of guerrilla warfare and overthrow brutal leaders.


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