Ulefone Power Armor 16 Pro Priced At $140.99 For Double 11 Sales

Ulefone Power Armor 16 Pro Priced At $140.99 For Double 11 Sales

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Ulefone Power Armor 16 Pro Priced At 0.99 For Double 11 Sales

Ulefone Power Armor 16 Pro Priced At 0.99 For Double 11 Sales
Ulefone Power Armor 16 PrO

The two 2024 flagship devices of Ulefone, Armor 17 Pro and Power Armor 18T, have made a ripple in the global rugged phone market. Mainly because Ulefone put pretty high-end configurations into these two handsets. However, the Power Armor 16 Pro launched almost at the same time, can still compete with them. Ulefone always feeature pretty differentiated models, and the Power Armor 16 Pro fits the bill. With its mighty battery capacity, built-in glare flashlight and the loudest HiFi grade speaker.

So let’s recap the highlights of the Power Armor 16 Pro. The first one on the menu is the ultra big speaker loaded on its back, with 36mm diameter and 122dB loudness. The speaker puts out HiFi sound just like a JBL Charge 5 Bluetooth speaker. Therefore it is easy to enjoy music on the go and have great GPS navigation experience, when cycling or doing other outdoor activities. The second bright spot should be the built-in glare flashlight on the top, saving you the effort to bring an extra handheld flashlight outdoor. And it seems really useful in dark environment or in some emergency cases. Packing a massive battery with 9600mAh capacity is yet another high point of the phone. Because it promises an ultra long battery life.

Solid specs all-around



Besides from the highlights, the handset comes Android 12 OS, with no ads and pre-installed apps. Just pure and safe. Also it sports 5.93-inch all screen, providing broad sight for watching movies or surfing the internet. The camera setup is a combination of 16MP+2MP rear cameras and 8MP selfie shooter. In addition, MediaTek Helio octa-core G25 chipset, makes the operation smooth, stable and fast. Combined with 4GB RAM + 64GB internal storage, more pictures, video, files or apps can be stored without any storage anxiety. Then comes the headset-free FM radio so Power Armor 16 Pro makes it convenient to listen to wireless FM radio.


The durability of Power Armor 16 Pro is proofed with IP68/IP69 certification as well. And it can endure 1.5m drop and 1.5m water deep. The Armor Case provides more solid protection to the handset too. Its attachment include a carabiner and a back clip, which are easy to upload and unload. And it can be easily hung on your backpack or waist to free your hands. Worth mentioning that Ulefone has professionally made a desk charging dock for the Power Armor 16 series, which works through Pogo Pins. Therefore, it is just handy to put the phone into the dock to recover power. And it can be used as a phone holder as well.

Ulefone Power Armor 16 Pro will offer a slashed price of just $149.99 only during the Souble 11 sales. Moreover, the customers have $9 coupons to make it just $140.99 to bring the handset home. Equipped with such great highlights and sold at such a budget price, the Power Armor 16 Pro may be a good choice for you, if you need an affordable rugged phone. Ulefone Official Store on AliExpress can offer more information about this or other devices as well.


Source: GizChina.

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