United States established the “Next G Alliance” to promote 6G

United States established the "Next G Alliance" to promote 6G

According to foreign media reports, the United States Telecommunications Industry Solutions Alliance (ATIS) recently announced the establishment of the “Next G Alliance” (the next G alliance).Ā ATIS is a trading organization composed of 150 member companies, and its business involves 5G, Internet of Things, smart cities and artificial intelligence.

It is reported that the purposeĀ of theestablishment of Next G AllianceĀ is to promote North America’s leadership in 6G and future mobile technologiesĀ .Ā The alliance will focus on research and development, manufacturing, standardization, and market preparation.

The founding members of Next G Alliance include AT&T, Bell Canada, Ciena, Ericsson, Facebook, InterDigital, JMA Wireless, Microsoft, Nokia, Qualcomm, Samsung, TELUS, Telnyx, T-Mobile, US Cellular and Verizon.

The idea behind Next G Alliance is to support ATIS’s Call to Action Promoting US Leadership on the Path to 6G.Ā The initial goal of Next G Alliance will be to formulate a 6G national roadmap, establish a set of core priorities for 6G and future technologies, to influence government policies and funds, and focus on promoting and leading the commercialization of “Next G” technology.

United States established the

According to the ATIS press release, the initial strategic actions of Next G Alliance will focus on three areas:

1. Develop a 6G national roadmap to cope with the ever-changing competitive landscape and promote North America to become a global leader in R&D, standardization, manufacturing and adoption of Next G technology;

2. Promote the North American technology industry to align on a series of core priorities, thereby ensuring North America’s leadership in 6G and future technologies, and influencing government policies and funding;

3. Determine and define early steps and strategies to promote and lead the rapid commercialization of Next G technology in new markets and commercial fields, and promote its wide application both domestically and globally.

Susan Miller, President and CEO of ATIS, said: “As countries around the world are advancing ambitious 6G R&D plans, it is vital that the entire North American industry must move forward together and work together to develop a roadmap to promote the United States in the future. Ten years as a global leader. The work of Next G Alliance focuses on this, involving the entire process from research to commercialization, and the alliance has laid the foundation for North America to present a vibrant and innovative market in the next few generations of mobile technology. “

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