Upcoming: Huawei NovaBuds headphones and others brands

Huawei NovaBuds

According to the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), Huawei might be looking to spice things up within its smart accessory business. The Chinese giant already has its FreeBuds 3, truly wireless headphones out on sale in many markets, including Europe. And, in fact, in the wake of the ongoing US scandal, has been pushing these and other accessories hard in places where it is currently facing issues with traditional smartphone products.

It was hardly surprising to see that another pair of earbuds, of some sort, is on the horizon. The story could go deeper than this, however. As per a few familiar and interesting social media sources “Nova” could, potentially, be spun-off as a separate brand in the future. One that could deal with smart accessories, like headphones and wearables, potentially more budget-friendly options. At least that’s what we heard through the grapevine.

Huawei NovaBuds

Of course, the separate Nova brand story is more speculation than reality at this point, especially given that the EUIPO patent at hand has Huawei in the product name. We also have little to go by to prove or disprove the rumors that the NovaBuds will be a more affordable product. The document does, at least, provide an official categorization for the mysterious NovaBuds. Namely Class 9, which includes products like headphones, earphones, headset for virtual reality games, headphones for mobile phones, in-ear headphones and more.

We’ll keep you posted if further developments regarding the NovaBuds and potential “Nova” brand come along.

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