US media: Tesla has disbanded its public relations department in the US

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According to foreign media Electrek, Tesla , the leader in the electric vehicle industry, has disbanded its public relations department in the United States. The report said that the news has been confirmed by Tesla executives .

It is reported that Tesla currently retains some public relations teams in some markets in Europe and Asia, but the global core team of the department has announced its dissolution in the United States. The report mentioned Keely Sulprizio, Tesla’s global communications director, who is currently the last known Tesla staff responsible for public relations and communications. He resigned in December 2019.

Naijatechnews was informed that Tesla had previously stated that it did not want to focus on advertising in terms of product strategy, but expressed confidence that it would rely on “product power” to speak. It is reported that all employees who previously held public relations-related jobs in the United States have been transferred or resigned.

At present, it is not clear whether Tesla’s “no PR” strategy will continue to other markets around the world, but some of the company’s developments usually find clues on the personal Twitter of its founder Elon Musk. Haven’t commented on this yet.



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