Very common products used in Nigeria that people do not know are actually fake

Very common products used in Nigeria that people do not know are actually fake!

As Nigerians, we all know that many of us resort to fake, or at the very least substandard products as improvisations to better ones in order to meet our demands when we are unable to afford the real products for several reasons. While this has sadly become a

There are quite a good number of fake products I see around that people find hard to believe them as fake. People would carry them about and emphasize on the brand name displayed on it to leave their peers impressed and never finding out that the item itself is a fake product. Some people actually say that these kinds of things are cheap in Nigeria because of our economy and more expensive overseas because they are all rich there! You’ll understand just how many people might have fallen victim to this of you take a look at a few of these products;

1. Samsung Galaxy Level U Pro

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In the Nigerian standard, this is a N5,000 wireless Bluetooth neckband headphone that is well known for its unique and comfortable design, decent sound quality and the Samsung logo printed at the back of it. In Samsung’s official website, it is also a wireless Bluetooth neckband headphone, but it not only has a unique and comfortable design, but also comes with features such as dual microphones, active noise cancellation, dual pairing with an insane sound quality that comes from the combination of a 13mm dynamic unit and the 13mm piezo unit. Not making sense, right?

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One feature that is noticeable between the real and fake Level U Pros is the presence of a pause/play button that doubles as an LED indicator.

In short, it has some features that can not be seen in the original Apple’s Airbuds that is similarly priced for more than a $100 (about N40,000)! Making some sense now, right? You can check this link for the full specifications of the Level U Pro in Samsung’s official site if you feel the need to.


2. Monster Beats Pro by Dre

The Nigerian market manages to contain a headphone that is a mimic to the company that was founded by a revolutionary rapper; Dr Dre. The version common in Nigeria comes in a box that obviously lacks any form of elegance, with a sound quality that my testings have found to be mediocre in some music settings. The real version that is made by Beats is the exact opposite as it comes in a package that is simple, yet elegant. The build quality looked like the fake, but it was more ergonomically made with a sound quality that suits just the kind of songs the maker wanted you to listen to; Hip Hop.

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Looking at the two photos above, you should be able to tell that they look like the same headphones, but the packaging for each of them can make you tell which one is fake.

The fakes look very similar to the real one, but is not named as Monster Beats, but bluntly used ‘Beats by Dr Dre’.


3. Samsung Galaxy earphone, tuned by AKG

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A lot of Nigerians see this earphone as a common accessory that is well known for its ergonomic design. The real earphone can not be bought, but is exclusively available as a freebie when buying a Samsung Galaxy S series or Note series phone.

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 is one of the few Samsung phones that come with an actual Samsung AKG earphones inside the box. The photo above shows the Samsung Galaxy S10 beside it’s Samsung AKG earph

AKG is a massive company that is well known by audiophiles for producing amazing headphones and earphones, not making cheap and fundamentally lacking earphones. Samsung’s official UK store has a lot of Samsung audio accessories, but not the Samsung Galaxy Earphone tuned by AKG. You can check this link if you are interested.


This is a few of the numerous items available in Nigeria that people believe to real, but are actually fake. There are various reasons why these kinds of products trend in Nigeria and I do not think that this will stop. While I am identifying these products and proving that they are fake, I am not discriminating people from buying it, but rather making sure that you are all aware that these things are not close to what you really think. Let’s put an end to this ignorance.

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