WebSites to Download Bollywood Songs and Music Free (2023)

WebSites to Download Bollywood Songs and Music Free (2023)

Note: We do not recommend or promote any website that hosts copyrighted materials; using such sites is at users’ risk and may be illegal.


Are you looking for sites to download Bollywood songs and music free? If so, then you have landed on the right page, because here, we will precisely show you the updated sites list. The demand for music in the market is increasing day after day and there are more music enthusiasts than ever before. Probably because of the internet revolution, we have stopped listening to music on television and started to enjoy listening to music online via modern electronic devices, i.e. Phone, Android, etc., because of its benefits and convenience to play music anywhere.

In the past few years, many music TV channels have been shut down because of fewer watch times, decreasing popularity, and of course, less revenue. At present, we have a variety of music platforms where some are free and some require to subscribe to one of their plans to enjoy music online seamlessly. Well, in this article, we will save your money by listing free sites to download Bollywood songs and music. You will be able to browse these sites and download music without any hassle. So, are you excited now? Let’s not waste another second and dive in!

About Free Sites to Download Bollywood Music and Songs

At present, there are thousands of sites on the internet to download Bollywood Music and songs. But, not all of them are safe & legal to use. Even some websites spread ransomware or such files which helps hack the user’s device. The problem is such websites are not easily recognizable unless you study every part of the website, including MP3 files that they are making available for others to download. Also, you must read the privacy policy or disclaimer page of the Song downloading website before you continue.

However, they may be selling you or illegally providing your MP3 songs. And that can later put you in trouble. Some countries take these illegal websites seriously and also ban when site popularity increases. Well, the Bollywood sites that we are going to provide here are the genuine ones that you can trust and trouble-free download songs. Still, we will recommend checking every website that we have suggested below to confirm its safe for you or not.

Sites to Download Bollywood Songs and Music Free

Here are the best places to download Bollywood Songs and Music for free:

1. Saavn

WebSites to Download Bollywood Songs and Music Free (2023)

Saavn, also known as JioSaavn is currently the best & free platform for downloading & listening to all types of Bollywood songs. Its popularity has taken an immense rise in the past years because of the collaboration of the Jio Reliance Music platform and Saavn. Altogether, they have dominated other Bollywood music platforms in India. Saavn is currently serving millions of Bollywood music fans in India through its website & official music app. Even all the new songs that release every now and then, get exclusively available on this platform for users from the first day of release.

The app & website is also user-friendly and it provides all the necessary tools & features that we need to stream music online or download to listen offline conveniently. Through its platform, you can easily manage your playlist and browser exclusive Bollywood songs. Also, you can maintain the streaming quality of the song from settings and even tweak voice to Pop, Rock, etc. Overall, Saavn is one of the best sites to download & listen to Bollywood songs. This website only provides legal songs, and you can also use the JioSaavn app to hassle-free download songs.

Visit Saavn


WebSites to Download Bollywood Songs and Music Free (2023)

Another legal platform for listening & download Bollywood songs and music for absolutely free. To be honest, I use the Gaana App to listen to all types of Bollywood songs, including Punjabi, Hindi RAP, English songs, etc. And a fantastic feature of Gaana that I like is they provide you tailor-made song playlists during special events and festivals. The easiest way to find festival based Bollywood songs is to visit or Gaana app. Gaana means song or music in Hindi and that’s why we Indians love this platform.

Features wise, it covers A to Z including high-quality music streaming, Smart playlist manager, Voice tweaker, and more. Also, it now has the Dark mode which really attracts me towards it. Because there is rarely any Music platform that has a dark mode. And it benefits when you remember lyrics from its auto lyrics feature. In the night time, you can read & start memorizing song lyrics without straining your eyes or getting tired. And about new content, you will always find the latest songs on in high-quality. For lowering the data usage, you can also manually set streaming quality from its settings. Overall, we recommend for free Bollywood music streaming & downloading.



WebSites to Download Bollywood Songs and Music Free (2023) is popular since we have started seeing Bollywood’s song popularity and interests in people. It is not only known for its free service to provide free MP3 download links, but it also provides MP4 songs of Bollywood. Unlike Saavn and Gaana, it offers a variety of songs in different languages like Marathi, Gujrati, Rajasthani, and more. And for those who don’t like listening to MP3 but the MP4 version of any Bollywood song then is absolutely for you. Using the website, you can download unlimited Bollywood MP3 and MP4 for free of cost.

But to access Hungama, you must create an account first. For registering on the website, you must have a Google account. And after creating a free account, you will be able to access the Hungama song library and download or stream Bollywood songs for free. For free users, the features will be limited to use and to unlock all the features of Hungama, you must have to upgrade your account to premium. Overall, the platform is already a favorable option for many Bollywood fans, and we also recommend it too.



Not much popular like the above three listed sites, but it can provide you instant downloading of any Bollywood song. Mrjatt is another platform that provides access to unlimited Bollywood songs and music. It is especially famous for Punjabi playlist, and that is also its primary content. Well, apart from that, it has all types of Bollywood songs, including Hindi, Marathi, and English. Also, you can easily explore the playlist of any Bollywood song artist from the website and can download all the artist songs with one click in .zip format. This will actually save time for those who want to download all the songs from a particular artist.

At Mrjatt, you will find download options in different qualities i.e 128kbps, 320kbps, etc. And with a few clicks, you will be able to download any Bollywood song. Overall, Mrjatt is also a suitable platform to download Bollywood songs and music for free. It also doesn’t require you to make an account to access the website. Just visit, browse songs, and download instantly.

Go to Mrjatt

5. T-Series YouTube Channel

WebSites to Download Bollywood Songs and Music Free (2023)

T-Series is basically a Media Entertainment company that sometimes also works with producers and publishes Bollywood Mp4 songs. Currently, it has the highest subscriber on YouTube, near to 123M as of Jan 2020. It has become Hub of Bollywood songs and you will find a new Bollywood song almost every new day. On its YouTube channel, you will find the playlist of different types of Bollywood songs and from there, you can easily download or stream online. It also contains interesting trailers and short clips of Bollywood movies.

In case, if you don’t want to download or save Bollywood songs in YT app from the T-Series YouTube channel, you can use a popular tool called to download songs in MP4 or MP3. It is a free YouTube video converting tool that is based on PHP and within seconds, it can convert any YouTube video into MP3 or Mp4. And with just one click, you can also download the converted media file from the website. For more details, read the steps below.

  1. Open YouTube and go to the T-Series channel.
  2. Search for the song you want to download.
  3. Now, play it and click on the share button. And then choose Copy link option.
  4. Visit using your favorite browser.
  5. Then select MP3 or Mp4 option.
  6. After that, paste the copied link of the YT video and then press on the Convert button.
  7. Within a few seconds, the tool will convert the video and make it available for you to download.
  8. That’s it.

Go to T-Series YT Channel

Best Sites to Download Bollywood Songs – Wrapping Up

We have made the list of only five websites or platforms because we wanted to show you only authentic platforms to download Bollywood songs. There are a ton of sites on the Internet for downloading Bollywood songs. But they are not trustable, and most of them are also doing piracy which we shouldn’t support and spread. That is the reason why we included only five but legal platforms for Downloading Bollywood songs.

If you have any suggestions regarding this article, then please comment below and let us know about your thoughts on these authentic platforms to download Bollywood Songs for free.

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