What do Indian players play after PUBG mobile games are banned? Sensor Tower: “Call of Duty”

Sensor Tower data shows that from September 2 to September 5, Garena Free Fire, Ludo King and “Call of Duty” were the top three downloads in India in the iOS and Android app stores. game.

On September 2, World Wide Web quoted Agence France-Presse as saying that the Indian government announced the ban on 118 Chinese apps. Including “PUBG.M” under Tencent.

Sensor Tower recorded the number of game downloads in India in four days, of which Garena reached 2.1 million downloads and Ludo King reached 1.52 million downloads. In addition, although “Call of Duty Mobile Games” has only 1.15 million downloads in these four days, “Call of Duty” has been downloaded 1.56 million times in the past 30 days, ranking first in the Apple App Store.

Naijatechnews learned that Garena Free Fire is a battle royale game developed by a company based in Singapore (Sea Ltd), while Call of Duty is jointly developed by Tencent Tianmei Studios and Activision Blizzard, and Ludo King is a board game.

Netizens in the comment area added that Sea Ltd was nicknamed Southeast Asia Tencent. Its boss graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University and Tencent holds 40%. The company’s top executives are basically Chinese, and the R&D team is also basically domestic.

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