What is SSE (Security Service Edge)?

SASE’s security component is known as the security service edge (SSE). In contrast to conventional network topologies, SASE is a cloud-native IT paradigm that blends WAN edge networking and security services in a way that is more appropriate for how contemporary enterprises function.


SSE basically covers the security side of SSE while WAN edge services cover the networking side. A business can completely implement a SASE model when cloud-centric WAN services and SSE are provided from the same network architecture.

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How does SSE help businesses?

With the rise of remote work and the security threats that came along with it, there is an urgent need for an integrated security strategy such as SSE. Most businesses use a lot of security programs on a daily basis and few of those devices communicate with one another due to the security industry’s extreme fragmentation.


Protecting apps and data by creating a ubiquitous cloud edge that covers all methods of accessing these applications and data is the main business objective of SSE. This all-encompassing edge is provided by an SSE solution, which also makes it possible for businesses to implement uniform data security and threat prevention measures across their whole IT environment, including users, devices, locations, and apps.

Components and capabilities of SSE

Applications communicating via the internet benefit from the security infrastructure improvement provided by SSE’s four major general components. An organization that adheres to SSE requirements to safeguard staff members and cloud-stored data benefits remote workforces as well.


The four main components of SSE are a zero-trust environment, a secure web gateway, a cloud access security broker, and a firewall-as-a-service. The suggested approach for a contemporary hybrid cloud is a zero-trust environment. SSE limits unauthorized users’ access to data while allowing users to interact and operate with cloud technologies without restriction. A solid zero-trust security environment will stop lateral movement to access additional resources and accounts when one account is compromised.

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Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and Security Service Edge (SSE) are very similar concepts. The introduction of SSE to a company shows that certain businesses might not be prepared to make the transition straight to SASE.


SASE combines security features into a single cloud-based service, similar to SSE. However, it accomplishes this for networking capabilities as well by combining routing, Quality of Service, software-defined WAN, and other features into a single solution. Through this combination, a company is able to combine network efficiency with security in a single cloud-based service.


Some businesses, nevertheless, might not be eager to upgrade their current network and security technology investments. While the security team could be open to change, the corporate networking team might still be committed to using the same carrier or SD-WAN technology. SSE offers a mechanism to represent cloud-based security consolidation for a business without having to transition to SASE.


The collection of services offered by the solution distinguishes SASE solutions from SSE solutions. They are not opposing solutions, which means that when used in tandem, they may even be seen as falling within the SASE framework.

How can businesses adopt SSE?

There are a few alternatives available for implementing an SSE system:


Single vendor

You can choose a single vendor who can provide you with both WAN and SSE solutions. By doing this, you can have the same source meeting your networking and security requirements.

Multiple vendors

Using two separate vendors is an additional choice. With this approach, you have separate vendors for WAN and SSE. This may lead to a deployment that is simplified without sacrificing functionality.


There are some reputable SSE vendors out there that can provide you with everything you are asking for. For example, having NordLayer as an SSE vendor might be a good idea.

SSE use cases

Securing internet and cloud access

Whether it’s general internet access or company apps that are housed in the cloud you can provide employees safe access to the information they need with SSE. A uniform policy framework aids in defending both the company data housed across several clouds, SaaS, and private applications as well as employees from internet-based threats like ransomware.


Additionally, you can reduce any risk brought on by human mistakes or policy inconsistencies in the cloud and avoid any policy misconfigurations.

Identifying and reducing risks

SSE gives the finest defense-in-depth capabilities by combining SWG, CASB, and ZTNA into a single, purpose-built platform. It also offers scalability since it is cloud-delivered. Therefore, an SSE platform gives limitlessly scalable SSL inspection to enable rapid local connections for every user and extensive worldwide coverage to ensure that all risks are identified.

Boosting user experience and performance

SSE offers your remote users the finest experience. Instead of relying on sluggish VPNs, your remote employees can now swiftly and simply access both public and private cloud apps. You are doing your remote workforce a big favor by replacing VPNs with connections that offer remote employees access to private apps, granular resource access, and the right degrees of access for users worldwide.



Through a cloud architecture, SSE security offers secure access to websites, software as a service (SaaS), and private applications. This is a solution made for the modern world when businesses utilize more cloud applications, users access networks from different areas, and data is stored outside of data centers.


Since more people, devices, and resources now live outside of an enterprise’s conventional network, the rise of cloud adoption and the transition to remote work have required a significant amount of change from IT staff. As businesses use SSE, Security Service Edge platforms will be one of the best security solutions due to improved security features and services.


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