What should I do if 5G base stations consume too much energy? Huawei Fang Liangzhou: The site format needs to be changed

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With the large-scale and rapid construction of 5G and data centers, energy infrastructure is facing huge challenges, such as energy consumption growth, long construction periods, and high operation and maintenance costs. In the digital energy special session of the Huawei BWS2020 Global Online Summit, Huawei Network Energy President Zhou Taoyuan revealed that the current entire ICT energy consumption accounts for about 2% of the total global electricity consumption, and this proportion will rise to 5% by 2030. Energy consumption continues to grow, and the 10-year TCO energy consumption of the data center accounts for 60% of the cost.

“Through Huawei’s smart photovoltaic solutions, a total of 296.5 billion kWh of electricity has been generated, and 9.1 billion kWh of electricity has been saved through efficient site energy and data center energy products.” Zhou Taoyuan said, “Huawei uses’bits to manage watts’ through energy digitization. Solve the problems and challenges faced by traditional energy.”

At present, the problem of high energy consumption of 5G base stations is particularly prominent. The industry generally believes that the energy consumption of each 5G base station is about 2-3 times that of 4G, and the total energy consumption of 5G base stations may be about 4-9 times that of 4G. Huaan Securities Research Report stated that the three major operators will use 5G capital this year. The expenditure is about 180.3 billion yuan, accounting for 54%, and it is predicted to increase year by year thereafter.

The energy consumption of 5G base stations is too high. What can be optimized for current energy-saving solutions? ” We believe that the site format needs to be changed first ,” Fang Liangzhou, vice president of Huawei’s network energy product line, said to Sohu Technology. “The utilization efficiency of indoor stations is about 60%. This 60% of the electricity is used in equipment. Outdoor stations are about The energy efficiency of 85% to 90%, and the blade station is more than 90%. So from the energy saving point of view, our operators first adopted blade stations, followed by outdoor stations, and finally indoor stations .”

Fang Liangzhou believes that the “three-layer energy-saving method” is also an important solution to the problem of energy consumption: “The first is the high efficiency of the module layer, for example, the power system maintains high efficiency, reaching 97% or 98%, such as using a smart temperature control system.”

“The second layer is called system energy saving and site energy saving. The entire site considers energy saving from the perspective of the system. For example, we can use the lithium battery energy storage system to achieve peak reduction and valley filling, and for example, we can use technologies such as smart boost Reduce the energy consumption of the site.”

“The third layer is the energy saving of the entire network. For example, we use digital technology to identify whether the site is energy-saving, so as to transform the entire network for non-energy-saving sites. For the third energy-saving, we have a dream of overlapping light at each site. The base stations are superimposed with solar energy. Our solution supports the smooth integration of solar energy into the power supply system.”

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