What to do if your Realme phone has No Service or poor signal

OnePlus phones from Android 8 and above to start getting Google Ambient Mode

If your Realme smartphone has No Service or poor signal, here are simple tip you could consider to fix the problem.

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Check Also:
  • Check your location and make sure that you’re in an area within operator’s network coverage, otherwise your phone’s network and communication signal reception will be affected or interrupted.
  • Remove your phone’s third-party protective case if there is one, for that might affect the reception of signal.
  • Check phone settings:
    Check if your SIM card is enabled.
    Adjust [Preferred network type] to [4G/3G/2G (Auto)].
    If there is a VPN connection, disconnect it.
    Go to Settings > Dual SIM and mobile network or Dual SIM & Cellular > [SIM card info > Access point name, reset APN to default settings.
  • Take out the SIM card, check if it is damaged, clean the chip and put the card back in, or try another SIM card on your phone to see if you fixed the issue.
  • Restart or force restart your phone.
  • Update to the latest version of system.
  • Backup and transfer the data first, then reset to its initial state and settings.
  • Contact your operator to check if caused by operator’s issues.

How to insert and remove your SIM card

Insert the card needle into the hole outside the card tray to pop it open.
Pull out the card tray and place SIM card on it as per instructions.
Insert horizontally to avoid tray damage or SIM card loose.


  • If SIM card size doesn’t fit the slot, change your SIM card with your telecom operator.
  • Do not cut your SIM card on your own, otherwise your card may damage. Make sure the edge of SIM card is smooth.
  • Do not install or remove SIM card when phone is on.


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