Whatscan: How Does It Work? See Details & Guide.

Whatscan: How Does It Work? See Details & Guide.
Whatscan: How Does It Work? See Details & Guide.

If you have heard about Whatscan before and you have no idea what it is all about, today is your lucky day. Whatscan simply lets you associate WhatsApp on a different smartphone by simulating the presence of the WhatsApp Web. It allows you to control a WhatsApp account from another phone by bypassing the restriction of the very popular messaging application, WhatsApp.


In summary, Whatscan helps you to spy and access someone else’s WhatsApp so you can see the messages sent and received at any point in time. The truth of the matter is that this app is illegal because it could be used for the wrong purposes, but it is definitely legal for those who only need it to access their account on multiple devices or parents who need to access monitor the conversations of their children. Continue reading below to see how Whatscan works to spy and check another person’s WhatsApp.

Whatscan: How It Works:

Whatscan: How Does It Work? See Details & Guide.
Whatscan Web Whatsapp

Whatscan works by offering a system that stimulates the presence of a fixed computer web browser, therefore, users are allowed to access WhatsApp Web on it whenever they want. In a nutshell, Whatscan brings WhatsApp Web to your smartphone.

The association can get it done with your WhatsApp account legally, or with a WhatsApp account that belongs to a different user, illegally. However, in any case, the instructions to adhere to are not different. To use, just check the simple guide below:

  • Launch the Whatscan application to access the QR code which is key for the association of the account.
  • As soon as you have the QR code, launch the WhatsApp application on your mobile phone or the one you wish to associate, then click the menu way up at the right of the main display, and then tap the WhatsApp Web entry.
  • The rear camera will immediately open and you’ll be set to scan the visible QR code from Whatscan. If there is a linked Web WhatsApp on your account already, simply tap on “+” to include a new device or unlink the existing one by tapping “Disconnected from this PC.” Be aware that only one phone can be connected to WhatsApp Web at a time.
  • Once the scanning is done, WhatsApp Web chat will be visible on Whatscan, and the only difference will be that, rather than seeing it all on a PC desktop browser like you normally would, it can all be accessed through the mobile application.
Whatscan: How Does It Work? See Details & Guide.
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You’ll now have the same WhatsApp on 2 devices without battling any issues with notification or multiple access. Of course, you can use it to spy on any WhatsApp account of your choice, but I’d advise against that because violating certain privacy laws could attract very serious consequences.

Where You Should Download Whatscan:

You can download this incredible tool on your Android and iOS devices from the links you see below.

  • For Android, download here.
  • For iOS, download Whats Web Scanner For WA here.

For your iPhones and iPads, the app is available on the official store, but for Android, you’ll need to download the APK app from Aptoide, then add it to your device (after you unlock the unknown origins in the security settings of Android).

Now you know what Whatscan is all about and how it works, just get it downloaded and let it blow your mind with the amazing things it can do.

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