why does TSMC go to the U.S. to build a chip factory?

why does TSMC go to the U.S. to build a chip factory?

TSMC once again expressed its concern about the transfer of the chip supply chain in the United States, but it did not stop going to the United States to build chip factories.

Recently, TSMC Chairman Liu Deyin said that he understands that the United States is concerned that most chips are produced in Asia, but the industry’s shortage is ultimately caused by the epidemic, and has nothing to do with where the production base is.

why does TSMC go to the U.S. to build a chip factory?

Liu Deyin believes that the United States should pursue running faster, invest in research and development, and train more doctoral, master, and undergraduate students to enter the field, rather than trying to transfer the supply chain. This cost is very high and it is not productive.

He also believes that this (shifting the supply chain) will slow down the speed of innovation, because people will try to keep their own technology in their own hands, thus giving up global cooperation.

Liu Deyin’s words conveyed three meanings intentionally or unintentionally.

The concentration of chip manufacturing in Asia is not the main reason for the recent severe shortage of chips. The main reason for the shortage of chips is the impact of the epidemic.

why does TSMC go to the U.S. to build a chip factory?

why does TSMC go to the U.S. to build a chip factory?

I believe that both the United States and TSMC know this well, but TSMC is afraid to say the most important reason.

2. The cost of transferring the supply chain of the chip industry is very high and it is not productive.

This is obviously a big truth. Do not act in accordance with market rules, the United States forcibly promote the transfer of the industrial chain to the United States, but the United States is not a suitable area for the development of the chip industry. It is better for the United States to engage in financial and tertiary industries. The manufacturing industry has already declined. The road of forced transfer of industries is naturally unworkable and will eventually be embarrassingly embarrassing.

Do TSMC and Samsung really go to the United States to open factories? They can’t see that Intel has sharpened its knife and is about to grab it?

why does TSMC go to the U.S. to build a chip factory?

3. The U.S. attempts to transfer the chip industry supply chain back to the U.S. It will cause all parties to abandon global cooperation and close each other, which of course will slow down the speed of innovation.

The original intention of the United States is actually to split the already mature global chip (and the entire semiconductor industry) supply chain and forcibly transfer industries to the United States, with the intention of isolating China. In other words, the formation of the separation of princes is the goal of the United States. Because the United States believes that China has left the United States’ technology and supplies, and it will admit defeat.

As everyone knows, severing the original supply chain is actually a double-edged sword for the United States. It may cause significant losses to China in the short term, but it forces China to complete its own semiconductor industry system independently.

why does TSMC go to the U.S. to build a chip factory?

By then, China should have the technology, and the powerful world factories will continuously export high-, middle- and low-end chip products to the world, which will make several chip factories that the United States forcibly pull back to face the “cabbage price” and regret it. and.

TSMC should not be able to see these problems, but does TSMC dare not follow the order to open a factory in the United States? This is the true sadness of TSMC.

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