Why is the Sony PS5 so big? (Photos)

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Sony’s new-generation game console PlayStation 5 (hereinafter referred to as PS5) will soon be on sale. With the lifting of the unboxing video ban, more discussions about its appearance have increased. In fact, just after the PS5 was announced, everyone found that its size was a bit “extraordinary.” As more and more people got started and posted real photos on the Internet, everyone couldn’t help but sigh: “This is too big! “

Just look at the picture below for how big the PS5 is:

(Much taller than Xbox Series X, the picture comes from The Verge)

Why is the Sony PS5 so big?

(A head higher than the PS4, the picture is from IGN)

Looking at another photo sent by Junjie Lin, he looks so small…

Why is the Sony PS5 so big?

Why is the PS5 so big? Let’s find the answer from its inside.

Why is the Sony PS5 so big?

Why is the Sony PS5 so big?

Why is the Sony PS5 so big?

From Sony’s official PS5 disassembly video, you can see that the PS5 has a fan that is larger than the palm of your hand, a huge heat dissipation module, and related air duct design, which all take up internal space.

Why is the Sony PS5 so big?

At the same time, PS5 also uses liquid metal to conduct heat this time. This is a more efficient thermal conductivity material than traditional silicone grease, but it is costly and requires high craftsmanship-once the liquid metal leaks, it will cause the motherboard to short-circuit .

Liquid metal has not been widely used in the PC field before, and it is more used by some enthusiasts for DIY. This time Sony brought it to the game equipment for the general public, which also caused some players to worry. However, Sony engineers said in a media interview that they have spent two years “taming” liquid metal and are very confident in this new technology.

Sony has equipped the PS5 with a very aggressive cooling solution, but why should it be done?

This generation of consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X both use AMD’s customized CPU and GPU, but the specific application schemes of the two are slightly different. For example, in the GPU part, PS5 has fewer GPU computing units than Xbox Series X (36 vs 52), so it is necessary to increase the limit frequency to ensure performance (2.23GHz VS 1.825GHz), and dynamically adjust to meet their different game configurations This is also considered to be one of the reasons why the PS5 needs stronger heat dissipation capability.

Why is the Sony PS5 so big?

In fact, at the beginning of the year, Sony mentioned in a technical explanation video called “The Road to PS5” that the reason why PS5 chose this solution was that after research, it was found that the excellent heat dissipation system cooperates with the dynamic adjustment of CPU/GPU frequency. , Can play a better performance in different games. Of course, the specific performance will be given to players after the official release.

In fact, heat dissipation has always been a very tricky thing for game consoles. When Xbox 360 had a heat dissipation problem (three red failures), Microsoft spent more than one billion U.S. dollars to remedy it. Game consoles in the PS4 era were often used by players. Tucao temperature is too high. Game masterpieces are increasingly demanding performance configurations, and the life cycle of game consoles is often more than five years, and it is not as easy to clean up dust as desktop computers, so sufficient margins need to be left for heat dissipation. Presumably this time the PS5 Heat dissipation design also has this consideration.

The good news is that the heat dissipation effect of the PS5 should not slow down this time. The bad news is that the huge PS5 may no longer be disguised as a “router”.


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