Wife backs Zuckerberg: proud of the way he handles false information

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) wife Priscilla Chan (Priscilla Chan) said that her husband’s handling of the many disputes facing the company this year made her proud .

▲ Priscilla Chen supported her husband’s way of coping with challenges

Priscilla Chen was asked a question: What do you think about the claim that Facebook “destroyed the entire world”, the outside world condemned it as an accomplice in interference in the upcoming presidential election?

Priscilla Chen said, “I understand that Zuckerberg needs to solve major problems that sometimes have no definite answers, whether at home or at the company.” She is proud of the way Zuckerberg responded to challenges. I know he faces the most difficult problems to solve, and I hope others can understand this.” These questions refer to criticism of Facebook for spreading false information and conspiracy theories.

Priscilla Chen also talked about a series of issues including the use of social media by teenagers and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, a charity.

Priscilla Chen’s interview comes at a time when Facebook is working hard to resolve false information regulation and combat violence, racism and conspiracy theories.

Before Facebook started governance on Monday, Qanon was rampant on its platform. Before the Kenosha shooting happened, Facebook also provided a platform for the militia organization “Kenosha Guard”.

Earlier this year, Facebook made a heavy blow against false information on the platform. However, there were media reports in August that 84% of false medical information on the Facebook platform was not marked.


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