Win10 will allow users to disable the “shake window to minimize other windows” feature

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According to a foreign media Windowslatest report, according to the latest Windows preview version, the next update of Windows 10 will disable the “window minimize mouse gesture” support in the system. This feature is also called “Aero Shake”, and it has survived since the introduction of Windows 7.

▲ Source: Windowslatest

Most users may be familiar with this function. When you occasionally drag a window and don’t know where to put it, you may find that other windows are suddenly minimized to the taskbar. This is the usage of “Aero Shake”. However, this feature may not be so friendly to some users with shaking hands.

Naijatechnews understands that so far, although Microsoft has not provided a switch, users have found ways to turn off this feature by modifying the group policy or registry . In the Windows 10 preview version, Microsoft introduced a new experimental label that will completely disable the Aero Shake feature.

Foreign media support, if you follow the standard process, this feature is expected to become an option for Windows with the “screenshot tool” in a certain version next year.