YouTube launches AI tools that provide video creation suggestions, background generation

YouTube announced at today’s creator conference “Made on YouTube” that it will launch a series of AI-driven creator tools. The tools, launching later this year or next, include AI-generated photo and video backgrounds, as well as video topic guidance and suggestion tools and music search tools .

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Dream Screen: AI can be used to generate videos and photos. Creators can use them as backgrounds for YouTube short films and then insert their own content . At the beginning of the feature, creators can generate backgrounds by entering prompts or commands, but YouTube hopes that creators will eventually be able to use AI tools to remix and arrange existing content to create new content.


AI Insights (Video Topic Creative and Outline Generator): This feature will be integrated into the YouTube Studio creator management platform. AI can personalize video topics based on the creator’s personal situation and audience trends .

AI-based music recommendation system: It can recommend appropriate background music or audio based on the creator’s description of the video’s characteristics and key points .

Aloud (AI dubbing function): Also integrated within YouTube Studio, AI-generated dubbing of videos (other than native language) in another language (other than native language) can be done with just one click, allowing creators to check it in advance before adding it to the video . The tool is currently being tested on a small scale and will be available to a wider audience next year.



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