Zuckerberg called Facebook’s failure to delete the militia page as an “operational error”

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on Friday that Facebook’s failure to delete a militia’s page as early as possible was an “operational error”.

Last Wednesday, Facebook announced that it had deleted the Kenosha Guard page because the organization violated the company’s policy against “militia organizations”.

Zuckerberg admitted in a video that Facebook had previously received multiple complaints against the Kenosha Guard. He said: “The staff who initially received the complaint did not find this problem. In the second review, the reviewer became more sensitive, and the team responsible for the dangerous organization recognized that it violated the company’s policy, so it deleted it. .”

According to internal Facebook reports, the Kenosha Guard has been reported at least 455 times. A Facebook employee revealed that complaints against the Kenosha Guard accounted for 66% of all complaints that day. Facebook declined to comment on this.

Facebook said that they will continue to refine its policy of identifying potentially dangerous organizations. A spokesperson for the company said: “This is a new policy that we just launched last week, and our team of experts is stepping up the implementation of this policy.”