What Countries Can You Watch Netflix In?

What Countries Can You Watch Netflix In?

To say that home entertainment usage has skyrocketed since the start of the world pandemic is an understatement. Global revenue from theatrical entertainment outside of the home was 43% in 2019. Two years later, that number is 15%. However, consumers worldwide have enjoyed watching movies or listening to music from the comfort of home long before the pandemic.


Streaming services continue to take advantage of the success they’ve seen during the world pandemic. Today you can even watch movies that are currently playing in theaters right from your couch. Chances are you subscribe to one or more streaming services in the region in which you live. Have you ever wondered in what other parts of the world is Netflix available?

What Countries Have Netflix?

According to Netflix, its goal is to “entertain the world” by offering movies, TV, documentaries, and more to every type of consumer. As of this writing, Netflix streams content in over thirty languages to 190 countries. The short answer to which countries Netflix services is practically every one of them.

Netflix subscribers can be found in over 190 countries globally. With 195 countries on the planet, this validates the company’s claim of worldwide status. To put it another way, the only countries where Netflix is currently unavailable are the following:

  • China
  • Crimea
  • North Korea
  • Syria

Every country in the worldwide reach of Netflix has its own catalog of licensed and original content. In some countries, the catalog Netflix offers is limited. You may be unable to access some of your favorite shows or movies. Subscribers cannot change the country on their account unless they move to a new one. If you travel, you can access Netflix in your destination country with a Virtual Private Network.

Viewing a Different Country’s Netflix

Home entertainment streams from their servers to ultimately arrive at the screen of your internet-connected device. However, there are multiple or touchpoints between the two destinations. Personal data can be at risk at any stop along the way.

Securing data is a top priority in today’s climate. Therefore, many Netflix users choose to view their streaming through a VPN (virtual private network).

A VPN offers protections that include:

  • It helps with online privacy, and concealment reduces the risk that your activity can be traced on the internet.
  • It protects against the potential hijacking of your Netflix account.
  • It prevents hackers (or your internet service provider) from knowing what you view and sharing this information with marketers. Avoid being bombarded with targeted emails based on your perceived interests.
  • Your personal information is shielded from exposure to all manner of nefarious actions, including identity theft.

VPN companies are also accessible worldwide. Although each company does offer a number of the same basic functions, each brand provides unique features, varying quality levels, and price point ranges.

Advanced VPN Features

Wherever you are in the world, you deserve to enjoy Netflix free from worry. A VPN masks your IP address and funnels your data away from your local network. Your data then exits from a completely different location. These two actions create the illusion that you are in a different place, sometimes thousands of miles away.

This level of privacy allows you the freedom online to browse, shop, or view apps like Netflix without being traced. If you are looking for a reliable VPN, you can also ask if they provide advanced features in addition to those listed above. These services enhance your privacy and security.

Advanced and innovative VPN services include the following:

  • No activity logs – including DNS data, traffic logs, or any identifiable activity
  • Network lock or kill switch – blocks all online traffic if the VPN connection drops
  • VPN tunneling – route some of your traffic through the internet and the rest through the VPN
  • Private DNS – provided on every server for faster and safer connections

If a VPN provides extra customer experiences such as blogs and security education, you can be pretty sure they are a company of high standards.

Additional FAQ

Can I View All Netflix Global Content From Everywhere in the World?

According to the Netflix website, movie and TV show licensing agreements determine the regions in which content is available. If you use a VPN to access Netflix, your region will be hidden. You can view TV shows and movies available to all global regions.

Are You Caught in the ‘Net’ Watching Flicks & More?

Netflix is a practically unlimited source of home entertainment with top-notch stars and celebrities. Whether you like movies, TV shows, or documentaries, the streaming service has something for you. And the best part is you can have access from anywhere on the planet.

Do you use a VPN to watch Netflix or other internet activities? Let us know in the comments section below.



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