How to Turn Off All Sensors on Android Smartphones

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Our Android devices are filled with sensors that deliver amazing features such as navigation, automatic screen lock, playing racing games without making use of on-screen buttons, e.t.c. To be honest, if these sensors did not exist, our smartphones will be nothing but dumb devices.

However, just like with all other tools, these sensors can actually be used against us. For instance, if your phone gets hacked, the hacker can access your keystroke, record your audio, and even gain access to your camera.

Not to worry though, because Android 10 has brought us a fresh feature that lets users deactivate all these sensors with one tap and we break down the process below. To make it happen right now, see the answer to your How Do I Turn Off All Sensors On My Android Smartphone question:

How Can I Turn Off Tracking Sensors On My Android Smartphone?

Since your privacy is always important once in a while, there will be times when you need to turn off all the sensors on your Android device. However, it is not a feature everyone needs, and enabling it mistakenly can be quite stressful for normal users.

This is the reason why Google has hidden this feature in the Developer Options in Android Q. When you are sure, just access it to disable once and for all. See how:

  • Before anything else, just activate “Developer Options” on your mobile device. Head to Settings -> About Phone, and click on the build number 7 times. When that is done, a message will be visible saying you are a developer. If the feature is already enabled, a message that reads “No need, you are already a developer” will be seen.
Turn Off Sensors On Android
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  • After that, head to System -> Developer Options and click to open it. At times, the setting is within the “Advanced” option. If you cannot find it, search for it via the search functionality in the settings application.
  • Swipe down, locate, and click “Quick settings developer tile.” Here, activate the toggle for “Sensors off.”
Turn Off Sensors On Android
Photo credit: beebom

  • When that is done, access the “Quick Settings” panel, and you will see the “Sensors Off” toggle. You can click on it to activate it. If the toggle is not visible for some reason, tap “Edit” and then drag and drop the toggle from hidden to visible section.

Even if this is a feature that we will not need every day, it feels great to have a level of control over our device.

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