Tablet Gaming Time: Holding the Fun in Your Hands

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One of the most fascinating moments in marketing history was the presentation of the late Steve Jobs about the concept behind the iPad. Jobs was a marketing genius who realised the importance of marketing to what his company did, and reportedly had at least three meetings a week with his senior marketing staff.

One of the most memorable parts of the presentation when he explained what the iPad was about was the following statement ‘you’ll be holding the internet in your hands!’. That single statement was absolutely appealing, and while some people at first had doubts whether tablets would have enough demand and a real use for people that had a notebook and a smartphone, that doubt dissipated fast as the first iPad’s sales soared and the product’s demand stabilised across the years.

Some games that are specially designed for tablets can be very amusing. Tennis games and soccer games are among them, as a simple touch can allow you the same experience if not more exciting than a joystick of a video game. Sports games designed for tablets can be very fast-paced and exciting.

Also, long gone are the days of the 90s when games were expensive and necessarily required a television or computer with physical media, cartridges or CDs and DVDs to be enjoyed. Free gaming evolved considerably with the modern technologies and tablets are literal powerhouses of gaming.

But the fun is not limited to this. Casino slot games are particularly interesting to be enjoyed using tablets. Clicking on the online fruit machines buttons using a mouse isn’t nearly as exciting as touching the button to set the virtual reels in motion. Other casino games can also be enjoyed in a special way with tablets, such as Roulette games and online poker too. Smartphones are limited in terms of screen size, and the graphics of online casino games are a lot more enjoyable if you have a bigger screen with the same properties of touch technology of a mobile phone.

The industry of virtual entertainment has become quite diverse these days, as the gaming studios develop multiple genres of games to several platforms including tablets, mobiles, desktop and notebook computers, and consoles of different sizes, portable ones and old fashion ones in terms of format that require TVs and joysticks like PS5, for example.

Portable games now also allow the players to acquire items that can enhance the gaming experience, just like PC games have allowed them to do for a longer time. Long gone are the days when mobile and tablet games were limited to simple games with limited online features.

It’s possible to acquire game enhancement items as well as skins, which can be enjoyed in a special way using a tablet, as the relatively big screen is close to you like no other form of gaming. Desktop screens and TVs are usually (and are recommended) to be much further than a tablet can be.

Also, it’s possible to enjoy the big screen of tablets when travelling too, no matter if you take a plane, a train, a boat, a cruise, or are enjoying a road trip in the backseat of a car.

Even aeroplanes these days often allow passengers to buy online credits to connect their devices, which means online gaming can be enjoyed using tablets even up above the sky!


Tablets combine the unique features, and perhaps the most interesting ones, of mobiles and desktop/video games connect to TVs.

They have a fairly big screen, while also allowing the gamer to hold the screen close to the eyes and have the experience to touch the game which can result in a more immersive gaming experience.

Both casual gamers can enjoy their sports, FTS, RPG games and other types of games, as well as adults that can enjoy grown up casino games such as slots that are very fun to play using tablets.