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Naijatechnews is a fast growing technology site with passionate readers. Advertise on Naijatechnews today and get your products and services viewed by hundreds of thousands of readers. You will receive so much for just a little price when you advertise with us.

What We Have.

Passionate Audiences

We’re proud of our over 500,000 unique and passionate visitors and over 700,000 page views per month and this huge achievement, we are among the top leading technology website in Africa that disseminate news and other useful information to audiences in no time. Learn more about our rank and stats on alexa here.

Quality Content

Our quality content across topics such as computers, phones, tablets, accessories, interviews and web trends and social media makes us stand out from our competitors.

Talented Voices

We are also proud and opportune to have a great team of talented writers, and crafters who are passionately building their voices and creativity in the world of tech.

You can use Banner/Text ads & Sponsored post to advertise on our site.

In everything we do commercially on Naijatechnews, our editorial independence is central.

Sponsored Posts

sponsored post, also known as a promoted post can be any of the following:

  • Advertorial
  • Press Release
  • Interview
  • Article
  • Video content

We can publish your Sponsored posts of any niche, will choose the best category for you, which can include press releases, advertorials, videos, articles, interviews or any other kind of article related to what we write on this site OR add your website link to an existing article on our website and its natural like any other content on the website.

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Promoting your business, products or event via sponsored post is far better than a banner advertisement. You can google the advantages of content marketing. For every sponsored post, we offer you a d ofollow link and the article will remain on Naijatechnews as long as the website is live.

For FREE, we will promote the post on our Social networks.

We offer three types of sponsored post, and the price mainly depends.

If you sponsor a post with an additional $30 we will make your post stick to our homepage for 7 daysno matter how many posts published after your sponsored post. We are open to negotiation if you want it to stick to the homepage for more than 7 days.

Over 11,000+ email subscribers are currently subscribed to Naijatechnews with their email addresses and still counting. This simply means once your post goes live, those subscribers will get to know about you, your products/services or your business and they will see the post as a recommendation from us.

We accept payments via paypal, Bitcoin, WebMoney, Payoneer or Direct Bank Deposits/Mobile Transfer. We will proceed with the deal once we get the funds into any of our accounts or after delivery the work to you.

Product Review

Our range of products that we allow for REVIEWS include tabletssmartphonesmobile accessories, PC & PC peripherals, Smartwatches, Drones, speakers, gaming ConsolesTVsVRs and other electronic gadgets. Read more About Our Review here.

Responsive Banner Advertising

We as well offer CPD (Cost Per Duration) banner advertising in different sizes and positions you will love. The positions determine how well you want to get your advert viewed by how so many readers. The following banner ad specs are available on Naijatechnews:

  1. Side banner top (300 x 250 pixels), a bold ad spot, by the right sidebar in the uppermost position, appears on all the pages (Desktop Only). It costs ₦12,700 ($35) per month.
  2. Inner Post banner (300 x 250 pixels), a superb ad spot, it appears in all post, at the top, middle or bottom of all post (both Mobile & Desktop). It costs ₦145,000 ($400) per month.
  3. Leaderboard (728 x 90 pixels) – Above the fold, a dominant ad, at the top, under the menu, appears on all pages (both Mobile & Desktop). It costs ₦217,000 ($600) per month.
  4. Skyscraper side banner (300 x 600 pixels), an elegant ad spot at the top right side of all pages (both Mobile & Desktop). It costs ₦73,200 ($200) per month.

Advertising with us is very simple and targeted. Creative size should not exceed 300kb. Acceptable file format – gif, jpg or png. We do not allow pop-ups, pop-under-push-down, layer cover or interstitial ads on the platform.

You can take advantage of our already competitive price points, advertisers looking to run lengthier campaigns and multiple ad spots can enjoy a friendly discount.

Text Ads

The Text advertisements that we provide on this website include a title that is also a clickable link to your web page, one or two lines of text, and your website address is shown boldly at the bottom.

We only show text ads at the bottom of posts which appears on all post of Naijatechnews.

Price for Text Ads: ($100) N36,500 for one month.

Ready to Get Started?

We accept payments via Paypal, Bitcoin, WebMoneyPayoneer or Direct Bank Deposits/Mobile Transfer. We will proceed with the deal once we get the funds into any of our accounts.

We at Naijatechnews are always eager to work with new and existing advertisers and promotion companies to help you bring your product to our audience. Interested clients should forward an email to info[@]

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