Best Online Music Apps for Android that Streams High Quality Music

Love Listening to High-quality Music Online? Are you one of those who always plug earphones in your ears? If you are obsessed with listening to music all day, this article is specifically for you. Today, I’m going to reveal the Top 5 Best Online Music Apps for Android that actually provide users to Stream Music in High-Quality. I have listed them in this article after testing personally. So, I assure you that you will get real Online Music Apps for your Android device right here at the end of this article. Be Ready! Let’s do it.

But before I dive into the real deal here, I want you to know why Online Music Apps are better than the standard Music Players you are used to. Reasons why you should switch right now and what benefits you will get. So, let me explain.

Reasons Why You Should Use Online Music Apps

There are many talks I can list out for you on “why you should use Online Music Apps.” But to be very honest with you, Online Music apps are way better than standard Music Players. However, with the online music app, you can play any song you want, old to new. You need to type the name in the Search Bar for the particular Song. And the various versions (Female Voice, Male Voice, Remix) of the searched music will pop up.

Listening to songs in standard Music Player requires offline music in your Android device storage. And this is the biggest cons of it. Another cons; you need to download and store the latest song to listen to. Do you have time for these kinds of stuff? You can escape from killing your time by just switching your Music platform to online.

For instance, the benefits you will get are:

  • Little Storage requirement, only for the app.
  • Auto gets the latest released songs in your Home Feed.
  • Listen to any song at any time by just typing the name of the song in the Search.
  • Get Your PlayList; the Music app has auto PlayList Built and categorized.

I hope you can now see the reasons why you need to switch your Music Platform to Online. Now, let me show you the 5 Best and Free Online Music Apps for Android.

Top 5 Best and Free Online Music Apps for Android 2019

Finally, decided to move to Online Music Apps because of getting all these benefits? I think you should thank me for opening your eyes in the comment section. 🙂 Well, let’s head straight to the Point!

Here are the top 5 best and world-class Online Music Apps for Android:

1. Gaana Music

The Name of the App sounds the same as song/music. GAANA is a Hindi word that most Indians used to say in their county, Lyrics, or Song. It is an Indian commercial music streaming service. It offers many types of songs like Hindi Songs, Bollywood Songs, Hollywood Songs, English Songs, etc.

Gaana has an amazing user-friendly interface that attracted millions of other users and me. It has users around 7 Million on its Mobile App. It also has an official website to stream Audio, Radio in High-quality.

In Gaana, you don’t need to care about the latest songs. It has a connection with all music publishers that release music albums. So, you will always be updated with new songs. Gaana also promotes artists when they release, and songs get hit. Also, the songs on the Gaana are well categorized! You will never suffer finding your desire song to listen to no matter what time.

Moreover, you can download the Mp3 Songs from GAANA by paying them for a plus plan if you want. It doesn’t seem necessary to pay them for the listening song, but if you want more in Gaana, the plan should be registered.

Overall, Gaana is free and best for Listening to high-quality songs on Android. And also, it lets you update with the latest songs and new artists.

Download Gaana

2. Hungama Music

Hungama is another Indian Music Streaming app with a huge amount of songs in its playlist, nearly more than 10 million. And still Growing like a Rocket. The unique part of the Hungama Music app is it streams Video and Radio along with the music. That’s something powerful that Hungama Music is doing.

Another unique thing is, it flashes lyrics when you play any song on the app. That’s literally amazing. You can read the lyrics to understand the song. Most songs have some area where singers go with the flow, and for most of us, it gets hard to understand the lyrics. But Hungama Music is something that let you feed every word in your mouth.

In Hungama Online Music Player, you can set songs to Repeat, Shuffle to play the next song, add to your PlayList, add songs to favorite. You can also download songs from Hungama, but it requires you to activate its Pro Plan.

Overall, Hungama Music apps have provided a good amount of apps for free section users. You will love it; try this music app from below.

Download Hungama

3. Wynk Music

Best Online Music Apps for Android that Streams High Quality Music

Airtel Telecom powers wynk Music, and it also offers a free subscription for Airtel SIM users that costs 1.4$ for normal users. But it doesn’t mean that the Wynk Music app is only for Airtel SIM users. It also offers all the normal users to stream unlimited songs for free. Even more, you can download and save any song on the Wynk to play it anytime offline.

It also offers users to import songs from storage to Wynk cloud that is much better. It can save you storage of Android because when all the songs get imported in Wynk cloud, you can delete all the songs you have to save for listening offline. After importing them, you can listen to those songs at any time for free.

Moreover, It also offers features that Hungama offers except Video Streaming; Music, and Radio. To get this Online Music App, click on the Link below.

Download Wynk Music 

4. Jio Saavn

Jio has recently collaborated with Saavn Music service, and now the Name has been set to Jio Saavn, which sounds really great. In the Jio Saavn Online Music app, Jio users can play and listen to songs for 90 days with Pro access that others can’t get. So, it can be a big advantage for Jio users. Also, you can set any song to your JioTune free of cost. Jio offers this.

In the JioSaavn Music app, you can explore any song, New & Latest, Old, and much more. The sound and streaming quality of this Music app little low and bad. And it may be because the app is new. I think it will get better in upcoming updates and add some extra feature that makes the app stand out.

Overall, the collaboration is looking and feeling so good. I really confirm that it will dominate the Online Music Industry in a few years. Let’s see what will happen. But for now, below is a download link to this Music app. So, test it feel the magic of collaboration.

Download JioSaavn 

5. Saavn

Saavn is legendary and very famous for Streaming High-quality songs. As I said, Saavn and Jio collaborated and produced the best online audio streaming app. But still, it’s a try of those companies. They have their Online Music app live separately. So, first, don’t relate this app with JioSaavn. Both are different and have differences!

Saavn is rich in songs availability; it has 40 Million songs alone. And still growing with time. Saavn focuses on giving the best and easy access to its user to play and listen to any song comfortably. The music app works fast and presses hard on Android that also saves some battery.

Most Online Music apps sued the Android battery by pressing hard while streaming. But Saavn is well customized, and that’s why they have more users than any other competition.

One thing that I loved about Saavn is its equalizer feature that let a user change the vocal of music, and if you understand and able to handle it, you can create a really good vocal song.

Overall, its all feature is good and common that found on most online music apps. I think giving it a try will not be a bad decision.

Try it From Here


Listening to Music from phone storage has become an old source. It also contains some disadvantages like Tons of storage required for storing songs, you need to spend time and search for the latest song and more stuff that kills time to satisfy your desire of listening song.

Online Music Apps are the best option yet for listening latest songs, Old Songs, your wise Song. Also, you will get the Superior Quality in songs that will be Mp3 (High-Quality song Format). Moreover, you will never struggle to find your loved and best song because almost every Music app that I listed above has PlayList to add songs and Search bar to search songs directly.

So, to give you an honest suggestion, Gaana and Saavn is the most Underrated online Music app that you must try. They offer more than others and are comfortable with the most present Android device.

Hopefully, you liked this TechReen article? If so, thank us at least by just sharing this article with your Friends who love music like you. Also, the comment section is open for your suggestions. So, please comment if I missed any top Music Streamer.


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