10 Best Hacking Apps For iPhone (Apple iOS) Users

10 Best Hacking Apps For iPhone (Apple iOS) Users

10 Best Hacking Apps For iPhone (Apple iOS) Users10 Best Hacking Apps For iPhone (Apple iOS) Users

The iPhone is probably one of the most sophisticated easy to use phone anyone would find loving to use. It has beautiful icons and quite a few menus, not forgetting it specially made virus-proof, making it commendable. But let get real, these features are not what tech-savvy individuals should get excited about, and more specifically hackers, yes hackers!

Apple, on the other hand, has a way of ensuring that its devices don’t get easily hacked. They literally install a protection system against hackers and subsequently do not allow every app to get into the storage of the device. In order words, Apple is not an easy device you’d hack smiling, yes it hard!

What’s this post for? you might ask. Well, you know the saying of how nothing is impossible? yea, nothing really is impossible, including hacking and IOS devices. In this post, we will be showing 8 Best Hacking Apps For iPhone
Before getting into the apps, we must warn you that going through any of the processes will likely cause you to breakdown your devices, doing this will leave it more vulnerable to attacks. And do note that we are in no way encouraging malicious acts through this post. The apps listed below are simply for educational purposes. Therefore, hackers’ discretion is advised.

List of the Best iOS Hacking Apps

1. mSpy

The mSpy app is currently known to be the best software used to actively monitor another device without getting noticed. Its unique features include; a GPS location tracking system, monitoring all calls, monitoring of virtually all apps, and the ability to secretly operate the device.

2. iRET

The second best hacking app on our list is the iRET toolkit. This tool offers quite a more sophisticated approach to hacking any iOS devices. It simply allows hackers to break down the security frame of the iOS device, to detect any error or weakness. It seems to be more like reverse engineering. Its unique features include penetration testing, a specially built automation tool to make the process fast and accurate, and gives hackers access to SQL injections and many more juicy features.

3. Burp Suite

The number three app for hacking iOS devices would have to be the Burp Suite. This tool might have a weird name but it is very effective. The penetration testing gets effective when traffic is being captured on a network. So, the main usefulness of this, is that it inspects the traffic flow of the system and thereby, looks for weaknesses. Using Burp is very easy, as you can just simply configure your device to work with it, then you just need to install the Burp Suite Mobile Assistant.

4. NordVPN

As your activity will mainly involve hacking, then you’d have to pretty much breakdown your iPhone and perhaps get it out in the public WiFi. This simply enables you to easily get passwords of any other devices you’d want.

Now, the only disadvantage here is that your device is left vulnerable to being hacked also. How it works is that the public WiFi showcases in virtually all directions, that is data and cookies are all running to and fro the air. If you install a modem in monitor mode, you can simply get this data and automatically get direct access to other devices’ passwords.

To make the process easier, then you need to get a VPN. It simply allows you to connect to a remote server and rout the entire web traffic. Hence your private data won’t be leaked in public. NordVPN is, therefore, one of many VPNs you can use I’m hacking an iOS device.

5. Cycript

Cycript is considered to be one of the best hacking apps you can use today. One this tool does is that it gives hackers the ableness to go through the ecosystem of an iOS device. This means SQL injection can easily be given by the hacker to find the weaknesses of the device.

6. Hopper App

Hopper App is another reverse engineering app that simply allows hackers to produce source codes from compiled codes. It is also called Hopper Disassembler. Through this tool, you will simply know how an app works, provided you are a developer.
The ecosystem of the device will become understandable by you, and this in turn means searching for weaknesses. The Hopper app can also be used to get information like blocks and variables, that is values that allows easy control of various part of a program.

7. Myriam iOS Security App

This hacking tool was specially designed for educational purposes. It is meant for ethical hacking and security practices. The tool simply enables developers to test practice what they know on an iOS device. This tool helps reduces the effects associated with an actual test. The system of the app is well crafted to provide a more practical complex approach to hacking. Another great feature is that it helps the developer to know jailbreak, control in-app, change variables, validate apps, and Mich more interesting features.

8. Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker

This is a device that allows users to remotely download information for an iPhone, by simply imitating the original device. This device is widely used by government organizations for the nation’s security purposes, but it is legally owned by other businesses and corporate entities. Its great features include accessing passwords and iOS backups decryption.

Final Thoughts

Now you can tell the apple security ecosystem isn’t impossible to breakdown, it very much possible to penetrate and hack. That’s something good for hackers but no go good for mere users. If you want to get into the world of hacking, iOS is the best platform to start with. Why? Simply because there’s no one is trying it.

It a consensus that the iOS device is untouchable and we’ve seen how not so true that is. The iOS devices are small, portable, easy to carry, good looking, and security proof. But the fact remains the same, there are some weak parts of the device that leaves it open to attack. Let me know in the comment below which of the 8 best iOS hacking apps you find more useful.

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