Collections of Apps To Share/Tether Android VPN Internet Connection On PC

Collections of Apps To Share/Tether Android VPN Internet Connection On PC

Collections of Apps To Share/Tether Android VPN Internet Connection On PCCollections of Apps To Share/Tether Android VPN Internet Connection On PC

Best Apps To Share/Tether Android VPN Internet Connection On PC. Maybe you are enjoying free browsing on your Android phone using a VPN and wish to connect your phone to PC to enjoy same free internet but it didn’t work because VPN is involved.

Worry no more because in this post, you will learn how to connect and share VPN internet connection on Android to PC without much stress using the best 6 apps for VPN internet connection sharing.

To share VPN internet connection from an android phone to PC, you need any of these 6 apps; PdaNet, Tethernet, DF Tethering Fix, Androidtethering, Easytether, Barnacle Wifi Tether or others that will be introduced later on this post. These apps bypasses the restrictions on VPN internet data sharing and transfers whatever you are enjoying to your computer.

In a normal circumstance, its not possible to share a VPN connection on android devices unless you are to do so via Bluetooth tethering and we all know that connections shared via Bluetooth can be a bit slow and unsteady.

Whether you want to share via Bluetooth, WiFi or direct cable connection, these powerful apps will make it possible and easier.

It’s no more news that free browsing cheats also known as free internet tricks in some countries is trending now especially in Nigeria, South Africa, Philippines, India, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Singapore and Cameroon. So many youths are enjoying free browsing tricks with their mobile phones using VPN apps but can’t connect to PC, that’s why I have written this post to solve the problem.


VPN means “Virtual Private Network” and it’s used to encrypt your internet connection, making it private. VPN can mask your internet connection and stay private while surfing your favorite websites, VPN also gives you access to blocked websites or social networks since you can mask your connection and your real IP location, its easier to access any site.

Some premium VPNs also boosts your internet speed, with a well-coded VPNs you can enhance the browsing speed of your internet connection, and not forget that most of the free browsing cheats are powered by one VPN or the other, so to enjoy those cheats to the maximum, we might need to share those VPN powered connections to our other android phones or PC via the superspeed wifi hotspot or battery friendly USB tethering, so follow below procedure to achieve it.

How To share Android phone VPN connection With or without Root
We are to share with you simply out of the box method on how to share Android phone VPN connection, these methods consist of those that require root access to work out well and those that require no root. whichever category you are on we got you covered.


  • PdaNet (rated 4.5/5)
  • Tethernet (rated 4.0/5)
  • DF Tethering Fix (rated 3.9/5)
  • Barnacle Wifi Tether (rated (3.5/5)
  • Android Tethering (rated 3.5/5)
  • Easy Tether (rated 3.5/5)

Personally, PdaNet and Tethernet has been my best tools for sharing or tethering mobile phone internet connection to PC through WiFi. Below, I have briefly reviewed the apps and how to use most of them to share your internet free browsing on PC.

Some of the VPN Tethering apps listed above requires root access while some works perfectly without root. For example, PdaNet requires no root, meaning it works on both rooted and non rooted Android devices while Tethernet requires a rooted android phone in order to work.


As far VPN internet sharing and tethering is concerned, this is the best app for it.

Collections of Apps To Share/Tether Android VPN Internet Connection On PC


Like I said earlier, whether your phone is rooted or not, you can use PdaNet to share or tether VPN connection from your mobile phone to your PC easily, however, this method goes well when you want to share your VPN connection with a pc via USB Tethering, chord, WIFI hotspot or Bluetooth.

The App is available in both free and premium version dubbed PdaNet+. You will need to download both the apk and the exe version to your Android and PC devices respectively. To get started, follow the procedures below.

  • Download premium PDANet+ v5 for your Android device
  • Download pdanet.exe file for PC
  • Download PdaNet for Mac OS X
  • Install all the files accordingly except Mac if you aren’t using it
  • Turn off your hotspot
  • Now launch the installed PDANet+ app on your Android. Launch the PDANet+.apk on your Android, there are three options: USB Tether, Bluetooth Server, Wifi Hotspot
  • Enable USB debugging on your Android via settings>>advanced option>>Developer Options (might be slightly different on different brands)
  • Tap and Activate the “USB Tether” option for best reliability and connect your USB cable to the PC
  • Install the PDANet+ for PC (if not already installed) and confirm that it is connected to the phone.
  • Open the PDANet+ menu from the notification bar of your Windows and click on “Connect Internet (USB)”.
  • It will verify and authenticate your connection automatically and you will be connected via USB.


To Share an Android VPN Connection via Pdanet using Wifi hotspot, you will need to purchase the premium Version of PDAnet, with the version you can share your VPN connection with your pc.


  • it requires no root Access
  • it works only for tethering VPN connections to a pc
  • you will install the app both on your android phone and PC
  • Wifi tethering requires a premium account

You can also use PdaNet to connect your Airtel free browsing cheat on laptop.


Tethernet is second on the list and rated just behind PdaNet maybe because it requires root access to work.

Collections of Apps To Share/Tether Android VPN Internet Connection On PC


Tethernet is another great app to share your VPN powered connection with another phone or pc, with tethernet you can share this connection either via a USB tethering or WiFi hotspot, however, your device needs to be rooted for Tethernet to work swiftly, adhere to the instructions below To Share an Android VPN Connection Via Tethernet.

  • Download and install Tethernet android app from here
  • Launch the Tethernet app and grant it root access
  • Now connect your VPN, if not connected already
  • On your mobile phone hotspot or USB tethering
  • Return to Tethernet app and click on share via Wifi Hotspot, for Wifi connection
  • Or click on Share via USB tethering, to share via Bluetooth
  • Now connect the other phone, or pc to your hotspot and enjoy the connection


  • It requires Root Access to run
  • it tethers your phones VPN connection through wifi hotspot and USB Tethering
  • it doesn’t require the installation of the app on both devices
  • it can tether your VPN connection to any device, be it smartphones or PC.


This app lets you share your mobile phone VPN cheat on PC as well if your phone is rooted.

Collections of Apps To Share/Tether Android VPN Internet Connection On PC


DF Tethering Fix app is another great tool to tether android phone VPN connection, this app equally requires root access, with a simple user interface, the app, to share your VPN connection with this app follow the instructions below

  • Download the DF Tethering Fix app from here
  • install the app
  • launch and give root permissions
  • connect your VPN, go to your phone settings and enable tethering
  • now return to DF tethering fix and Click on fix Tethering


  • requires root access
  • no special configurations
  • it doesn’t require the installation of the app on both devices

Still on 6 Apps Used To Share/Tether Android VPN Internet Connection On PC

Other apps that shares or tethers VPN internet connection from Android phone to PC includes;


Easy Tether is a paid VPN internet sharing app but less expensive and alternative to PdaNet, Easy Tether app is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu and can also tether your gaming system (PS3, Xbox, or Wii). USB tethering is available now with Bluetooth DUN coming later. You may opt to test the demo version (EasyTether Lite) to make sure the software works on your device before getting the full version.

Collections of Apps To Share/Tether Android VPN Internet Connection On PC


  • Does not require root access on the smartphone
  • USB and Bluetooth tethering for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP computers (32/64-bit)
  • USB and Bluetooth tethering for Android tablets including Kindle Fire
  • USB tethering for macOS High Sierra (10.13), Sierra (10.12), Mac OS X 10.11 down to 10.4 on Intel and legacy PowerPC hardware
  • USB and Bluetooth tethering support for Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch Linux etc) computers on Intel, ARM (including Raspberry Pi) or whatever hardware
  • Unique USB tethering for OpenWrt and LEDE-based routers
  • Unique USB and Bluetooth tethering for FreeBSD and DragonFly BSD systems
  • Unique Bluetooth tethering for NetBSD systems
  • UDP support for games, for L2TP VPN and for some IM apps
  • Game consoles tethering via Windows/OS X Internet Connection Sharing feature
  • Free lifetime upgrades for the full version
  • Implemented as a normal NAT application with full TCP and UDP support
  • Compatible with HTC Sync
  • all Android devices are supported


Android tethering is another alternative to PdaNet as it doesn’t require root access and must be installed as an Android app as well as PC software similar to PdaNet. It can also be installed on Mac and Linux devices. It enables tethering over USB. Note that the app called “tethering” is same as “Androidtethering” and both apps are developed by same developer.


Barnacle Wifi Tether is another powerful VPN tethering app that turns your Android phone into a portable wireless hotspot (or ad-hoc access point) for other devices (your PC/Mac/Linux, iOS/iPad, even Xbox). Interestingly, you won’t need to install additional PC software in order to use this app to share VPN internet connection on your PC. However, it requires rooting your phone. The app is open source but if you like it and want to support the developers, you can buy the inexpensive paid version to donate. It also supports WEP encryption, but bear in mind that WEP is really not a secure protocol.


Browsing with mobile phone is fun but browsing with a PC is more interesting and classy, that is why you may need to share or connect your VPN internet connection on Android to your PC.

PC also allows you accomplish advanced and more complex tasks hence the need for internet is so important. I hope this post helps you. It will be of great importance for those enjoying several free browsing cheats powered by VPN apps on Android.

Do well to hit the share buttons below to share this post with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Thanks once again for reading my article.


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