Forex Trading: How To Cancel A Withdrawal Request

Forex Trading: How To Cancel A Withdrawal Request

How to cancel withdrawal request on Forex trading

Just like the way people withdraw, there is also days where by people make mistake to click on withdrawal without the intention to withdraw. Many investors have fallen victim of this circumstance which had made them spend when they never wish to.
In this article is a step by step guide put in place by Naijatechnews which will aid people cancel withdraw made by mistake which will make them still maintain their account balance without any lost..


Below are steps on how to cancel withdraw on Forex trading

You can cancel your request in MyFXTM in the ‘Transaction History’

This is the most simplest and easier way to cancel withdraw.

✓ Click on the ‘My Money’ section by clicking under MYFXTM section.

✓ When you are directed to the section you will see ‘Cancel’.

✓ Click on cancel and automatically it will can any withdraw process that is about to go and with that your money remain intact.

Hope this was helpful and useful.

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