How to choose the brushcutter and how to use it

How to choose the brushcutter and how to use it

How to choose the brushcutter and how to use itHow to choose the brushcutter and how to use it

How to choose the brushcutter and how to use it. The brush cutter is a precious ally to keep the garden in order. Here are our tips for choosing the right model and using it.

The brush cutter is an indispensable machine for keeping your garden tidy and clean . The new models are becoming lighter, easier to handle and comfortable to use, even for those who are not very familiar with this type of tool.

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However, given the large offer of brushcutters that we find on the market today, it is important to understand what we can use this machine for and what factors to evaluate before choosing.

Let’s explore the topic by answering some questions.

  • What is a brush cutter?
  • What is a brush cutter used for?
  • How many types of brushcutters are there?
  • How much does a brush cutter cost?
  • What is the best brushcutter?

What is a brush cutter?

A brush cutter is one of the  most used agricultural tools by anyone with a garden. There are different sizes and weights, equipped with more or less accessories, but basically the structure is always the same : the tool is made up of a handle that can be handled , a motor in the upper part and a cutting system in the terminal part. The shaft contains the commands to operate the tool, namely the on, off and speed buttons.

What is a brush cutter used for?

The brush cutter, as its name suggests, is essentially used to cut excess grass, brambles, hedges, weeds and small shrubs , but it can also be used to finish the garden where the lawnmower cannot reach, therefore at the edges of the lawn. In practice, it is used to eliminate all unnecessary plant parts that cannot be removed by hand or with the lawnmower.

How many types of brushcutters are there?

There are tools of all sizes, prices and weights, but to make a differentiation we can take into consideration the operating mechanism and the motor. There are three main types of brushcutters.

  • Petrol brushcutters , equipped with a 2 or 4-stroke petrol engine, more performingand suitable for more professional use.
  • Electric brushcutters , lighter and less polluting because they work thanks to an electric motor; they are generally less powerful and are suitable for those who make a limited and sporadic use.
  • Battery-powered brushcutters , the most ecologicalbut with a shorter duration precisely because they are battery-powered.

How much does a brush cutter cost?

Like all gardening machines, even the brushcutter can have very different prices depending on the power, type of engine and functionality. A good brushcutter can even cost 600 euros , but obviously the choice depends on the use you have to make of it. If you do not need it for professional needs, but only to use it in your home garden, there are excellent models that cost around 100 euros : in general, the price range for a domestic brushcutter ranges from 50 to 200 euros .

What is the best brushcutter?

The choice of the right brushcutter model is very subjective, it depends on the use to be made of it and obviously also on the price. We have selected three models for you , one for each price range : let’s discover the characteristics of each model, starting from the cheapest range.

Verdemax Edge Trimmer 2790

Verdemax Edge Trimmer 2790

The advantages of this model are many: the very low price , the lightness and the possibility of storing it in any drawer because, without the telescopic rod, it takes up very little space. The performance is more than enough for sporadic use in a medium-sized garden: Verdemax Edge Trimmer 2790 is sold with two types of blades , an 8 cm lawn mower and an 11 cm hedge trimmer, easily interchangeable according to needs. Powered by a lithium battery, it recharges easily thanks to the charger that allows you to connect it to any outlet. The 90 cm telescopic rod allows you to reach quite high and the net weight of only 1.5 kg makes it very manageable evenfor those who have never done garden work .

Bosch Advanced Grass Cut 36

Bosch Advanced Grass Cut 36

The Bosch Advanced Grass Cut 36 brushcutter is a little more expensive but also more powerful . It offers excellent performance even with the tallest grass in uncultivated areas and always ensures comfort and maneuverability. The double line cutting system allows you to always do an impeccable job in a short time and without interruptions , thanks to the semi-automatic reel that allows an optimal length of the cutting line and avoids having to manually adjust the reel itself. With a simple click of the rotatable head, the brushcutter allows you to mow grass, edges and trim by simply pressing a button to switch between modes. Thanks to the safety rail, efficient work can be done in complete safety.

Stihl FS 55 R

Stihl FS 55 R

Equipped with a two-stroke combustion engine fueled by mixture, the Stihl FS 55R brushcutter is designed for those who are already familiar with this type of machines. It is sold with a flush head, to easily prune even brambles and small twigs without damaging the plants that do not need pruning thanks to a protection under the structure. The length of the tool is 1.70 m and the motor has a power of 0.75 kW but, despite being very powerful, it weighs just 4.9 kg and is extremely handy : the circular handle adapts to different grips and reaches even tight and difficult corners, for prolonged use without getting too tired. It can also be used as a trimmer, to equalize the cut in the most difficult places, where the mowers do not reach, and to eliminate the most resistant weeds.


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