How To Fix Metatrader Login Issue

How To Fix Metatrader Login Issue

How To Fix Metatrader Login IssueHow To Fix Metatrader Login Issue

How to Fix Metatrader Login Problem: Metatrader login error is one of the most frequent problems that most forex trading investors encounter. The problem affect all users who use either demo or live accoun.

This article will aid investors who fall under this category overcome such challenge.

MetaTrader login problem is an error that occurs in MT4 and MT5 platforms when the user types the wrong username or password or wrong Metatrader server IP.

The problem is a fixable problem because the Metatrader password can be easily changed, and support can easily provide MetaTrader IP address.

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If the MetaTrader demo account is expired after 30 days, the trader can open a new demo account.

Below are steps on how to fix the MetaTrader login problem in mt4:

1) Check the internet connection because sometimes username, password, and IP can be correct On your MetaTrader platform, can be a problem with a Wi-Fi connection or cable internet connection or some anti-virus software for some time, or any Internet security programs block internet connection of Metatrader and online server.

2) Enter the username, password, and IP server address when you log in to Metatrader. Try to copy all letters and numbers without blank spaces. If the internet connection is excellent, then the problem is login parameters. If the username and password are correct, very often, the problem is the server IP address.

Another way to solve Metatrader Login Problem, is by applying the instructions below;

Step 1: Open your MetaTrader 4 or Metatrader 5 terminal.

Step 2: Click on the file at the top left corner of the platform.

Step 3: Select login.

Step 4: Enter your Metatrader account login details.

Step 5: Enter the IP address of the Metatrader platform (ask your broker for IP if you do not know) in the ‘server’ field.

Step 6: Click login.
type server IP in metatrader
If you do not have an IP address, ask broker support to give you. Just ask them, for example: “What is IP for Live 4 or Live 1 or Live 3 server? Then, they will help you.
Always check if your demo account expired as well and open new after that.

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