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Startimes has grown over the years to become one of the top destinations for football lovers even though the company still hasn’t gotten rights to broadcast the English Premier League.

Still, the Chinese pay-TV network play host to several football leagues like the MLS, Belgian Pro League, Chinese Super League, Dutch Eredivisie, Turkish Super Lig, Scottish Premiership/Championship, EFL Championship and more.

Startimes also got the rights to broadcast live games of the UEFA Europa League, UEFA Nations League and the Spanish La Liga in French and Arabic languages.

Below is a detailed list of Sports Channels on Startimes.

1. Sports Focus

Focus is a comprehensive sports channel, providing fast and general global sports news. Viewers can watch replay and highlights of football and fighting events on Sports Focus. You can watch midrange marches on this channel.

250 DTT_Nova Bouquet

240 DTH_Nova Bouquet


Sports Premium is a comprehensive sports channel, featuring equestrian events, golf, tennis, football and excellent sports documentaries, etc.

As the name implies, it shows big events around the world including tennis, table tennis, ufc, Nations League, European Championship qualifiers, Europa League and the Spanish La Liga.

252 DTT_Classic Bouquet

246 Sport Plus


Sports Life focuses on “a relaxed approach to sport” and caters to the needs of viewers who might have a bit more time on their hands. It features fitness, health, cartoons, documentaries and fun sports. Live events, replays and highlights of matches will be provided as well. Chinese Super League.


Sports Arena is a comprehensive sports channel featuring “a richness of sports events”.

It provides various live sports events including football, racing, fighting, basketball, volleyball and other popular sports.

There are up to 30 live events on Sports Arena.

You can find at least 20 magazine shows and news programmes in a week. Sports Arena attracts the most sports enthusiasts. It can meet the demands of common viewers.

251 DTT_Basic Bouquet

241 Sport Plus


SFR Sport 4 is a French sports channels covering top football events in France as well as the UEFA Champions League, Premier League and more. SFR Sport was reportedly brought over by RMC Sport

672 DTH_French


World Football is a professional HD football channel, featuring exclusive, live and top-notch football matches around the world in HD including the Bundesliga, FIFA Club World Cup and International Champions Cup, UEFA Europa League, ICC Cricket Competitions, Coppa Italia, EFL, etc.

On average, there are 10 top-shelf matches live on World Football every week. You can also enjoy selected football magazine shows, highlights and football news, etc.

254 DTT_Classic Bouquet

245 Sport Plus


NTA Sports 24 is one of series Television channels introduced by the Nigerian Television Authority to cover the latest sporting activities in and around Nigeria.


ESPN focuses primarily on international football bringing live content throughout the year from leagues including amongst others Ligue 1, Eredivisie, Belgian Pro League, Sky Bet Championship, MLS, Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana and English premier league club channels as well as daily sports news programming and a wide range of football-related magazine and other ancillary shows. Also, ESPN is showing exclusive coverage of the UFC.

256 DTT_Basic Bouquet

248 DTH_Smart Bouquet


Startimes ADEPA is a comprehensive channel on DTH platform in Ghana, mainly focusing on GPL and other sports live matches and Ghanaian movies、kumawood contents

247 DTT_Classic Bouquet

247 DTH_Smart Bouquet

10. ESPN 2

ESPN 2 is the brand’s non-football channel. It is also used as an overspill for football matches from Fox Sports when there are clashes.

This ensures maximum inventory usage and is particularly beneficial with the key football properties. ESPN 2 other content feature motor-racing, rugby league, ice hockey, basketball, baseball as well as action sports such as live boxing and a range of magazine shows.

257 DTT_Classic

249 DTH_Super


Eurosport News is a complete 24-hour news channel dedicated to covering the latest football stories across Europe.

The channel provides non-stop sports news daily.

259 DTT_Classic Bouquet.

Now that you’ve gotten a preview of the Sports channels available on Startimes, you can consider buying a decoder from Startimes authorized dealer outlets.

Startimes Bouquets prices with several sports channels

For Dish TV users

Nova Bouquet N900

Sports Focus, Sports Premium, Sports Life, Sports Arena, SFR Sport 4, World Football HD, NTA Sports 24.

Startimes Smart N2200

ESPN, Sports Premium, Sports Focus, Sports Life, Sports Arena, SFR Sport 4, World Football HD, NTA Sports 24.

Startimes Super N4200

ESPN, ESPN2, Sports Focus, Sports Premium, Sport Life, Sports Arena, SFR Sport 4, World Football HD, NTA Sports 24.

Startimes Chinese N6600

ESPN, ESPN 2, Sports Focus, Sports Premium, Sports Arena, Sports Life, World Football HD, NTA Sports 24, SFR Sport 4,

For Users with Antenna

Basic Bouquet N1700

Sports Focus, Sports Life, Sports Arena.

Classic Bouquet 2500

ESPN, ESPN 2, Eurosport News, Sports Focus Sports Premium, Sports Life Sports Arena, World Football HD, ST ADEPA.

Nova N900

Sports Focus, NTA Sports 24.

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