NPFL TV – Download and watch the NPFL matches on the NPFL TV app

NPFL TV – Download and watch the NPFL matches on the NPFL TV app

NPFL TV – Download and watch the NPFL matches on the NPFL TV appNPFL TV – Download and watch the NPFL matches on the NPFL TV app

The Nigerian Professional Football League received a huge improvement after the league management company bagged television broadcasting rights with United kingdom-based company Redstrike, believed to be one of the measures that would accelerate the exposure of the league and its sponsors to the outside world.

Before the announcement was made about the Red strike deal, the LMC also had a deal with NEXT TV, which was expected to commence last season. But one way or the other, the deal did not see the light of the day in the end, as the league organizers had to settle with a new technology company Red Strike

The United kingdom-based company will be in charge of broadcasting every single Nigerian league game on the NPFL official mobile app called the NPFL TV which is available on Google Play Store, as well as the App Store for iPhone iOS users.

What is NPFL TV? How can i watch live matches and download?

Download the App Google Play Store

[appbox googleplay com.npfltv.tv2u&hl=en&gl=US]

NPFL TV is a platform created to allow fans and followers of the Nigerian league to stream live matches as well as highlights on their smartphones and tablets with ease. With a monthly subscription fee of #1500 Naira, you can catch all live actions every single matchday on the go.

NPFLTV Free Trial and Suscription after 7 days

Is NPFL TV app free? No, but you can still watch live games for free if you select 7 days free trial option after you’ve completed your registration to the platform. You’ll be mandated to pay 1500 after the trial period expires.

The app can be download straight from Google Play and the iPhone App Store or through the NPFL TV website by clicking on the respective device icon.

The app promises to show live matches on high-definition HD pictures across various league centres in the country.

Here’s how to watch the NPFL matches on the NPFL TV app

1. Visit, the official website of the newly created NPFL TV platform for the league.

2. Click on the “Explore” or better still the “Sign up” button below, you’ll be redirected to the log in page where you will be asked to fill in your login details be it your email address, facebook or Google account

3. Choose your preferred device be it android, ios (iPhone) or you head directly to the respective App Stores to download directly on your smartphone.

4. Click on the device icon and you will be directed to the app store where you can easily download the app to your preferred device.

On the NPFL tv website, click on sign up and you will be presented with a form.

NPFL TV App sign up and sign in form.

Here there are two to three options made available for you to choose from.

Email: You can sign up using your Email address with a unique password with it.

Facebook: You can sign up using your existing facebook account. Once you click on it, you’ll be asked to grant permission before you’ll allowed to login with facebook. Just click on “Allow”.

Google: sign up using your Google G-mail account. You’ll be required to grant access by Google, simply click on “Allow”.

Fill out the necessary details on the form and you are done.

5. Click and ensure you’ve already signed into the platform. Once you are granted permission to log in, you will have access to premium content.

You can also click on a free trial to access Premium content on the app for seven days.


Features of the NPFL TV App

LIVE Streaming

You get the chance to watch your favourite club side Live on your phone or any other device.

With a monthly subscription fee of 1500 naira, you can watch live matches across various stadiums every matchday. You get the opportunity to watch your favorite players in the Nigerian league action.

With the introduction of live streaming, the transparency level will increase, and also more sponsors expected to increase and also means of creating brand awareness among the football community in the country.

Selected matches are streamed live on the platform and you can watch it from the comfort of your home.


You are also presented with lots of videos from the matchday including highlights, media corner, and coverage.

It presents a whole lot of videos for your viewing pleasure. After every matchday, highlights are saved for future viewership as well as reference. This can be done with the use of your smartphone and only if you are subscribed to the platform.

The League Management company promised to include highlights and short clip at the end of every matchday or match.

The League Management Company collects scenes from various centres at the end of every matchday for the purpose of keeping fans and followers entertained even after the games has been played.


The entire fixtures results and league tables are also included to help you keep up to date with the latest development as it concerns your favorite club. In times of fixture adjustments, you will be notified first.

This can also come in handy for match officials, fans, club owners, managers, journalists, and media houses.

For confirmation of NPFL rescheduled fixtures, your best source is the npfl tv app and the npfl official website


A section created to showcase the entire clubs in the division with their profile, squad, fixtures, and other information about them.

Each club displayed current statistics including League Standings, games played, goals, and more.

It is also the best place for club owners to know the latest concerning the club’s activities in the league.


Shows a comprehensive list of players with their respective clubs in the league. The purpose of the section is to expose the players to the fans. In time past, it was very difficult to know some of the players in the league, but with the introduction of the App, fans can know more about the player in the league.

Photo Gallery

A compilation of scenes, actions from various stadiums after every league matchday. Photo Gallery of payers, fans, managers, officials, and followers.


A section created to keep you abreast with the latest football news as it concerns clubs and match officials. It also includes a matchday preview and review with other club related articles as it breaks.






Benefits of the NPFL TV app to Nigerians and the league

From from within and outside the country will have the opportunity to follow the league with ease. From there, potential investors might development interest and would probably like to invest money in it.

More money for the league and it’s organizers for the clubs

As more Nigerians gradually becomes aware of the development, they’ll be moved to subscribe to watch live games on their smartphones, thereby increasing the financial revenue of the league.

At least from TV revenue, clubs can now earn huge amount of money at the end of every season.

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