Top NFT Games to Play and Earn this year 2024

Top NFT Games to Play and Earn this year 2022

Top NFT Games to Play and Earn this year 2022

Top NFT Games to Play and Earn this year 2022

First Metaverse is defined by the gaming industry. Moreover, they predicted or strategized the advancement that the technical world is going to experience far more time before the advancement comes into reality. The fantasy world that gaming industries carved is now taking into another evolution where the coins earned from their assets owned there can be redeemed in the real world. Where the efficiency is strangely higher enough to make the difference among the way, the game industry is portrayed. The NFT structured all the flaws the vision of revenue in gaming has. With NFT and Blockchain, the gaming world is getting into another level of technological magnificence.

There are many NFT based Gaming platforms in the world, giving a real hard time to the Meta concepts. NFT gaming platforms are not just sprouted concepts. The crypto-blockchains already realized its potential and had a vision of it coming into the real world with the ability of Play to earn. The major NFT gaming platform that has seriously influenced the gaming community and the crypto enthusiasts are listed below. This isn’t that only these platforms can show excellence. They just have the ability to shine more as they predicted this evolution a long time ago.

1. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is one of the earliest NFT gaming platforms, with a greater vision of making a metaverse. The platform has axie’s where they can be mutated or bred and sold. This is the ideation of a fantasy world where the users can interact with the platform. By playing the game, the user gets a chance to win an NFT. Axie Infinity now has a record-breaking in-house sale of about $3.6 billion in its own NFT marketplace. The Axie infinity is one of the pioneers of the gaming industry where one single Axie went up to $820,000. It has more than 4,000,000, of which there are 2,800,000 daily active players.

The platform has its very own NFT Marketplace, where the players don’t have to rush for a third-party NFT marketplace for trading their own NFTs from the NFT platform.

2. Decentraland

Decentraland is another massive giant in the NFT gaming space, and it is an open-world game where the players can explore the wider community. The players can create their own scenes, arts, and even challenges for the future. Decentraland is one of the earlier platforms to accept the contributor SDK builds. The platform has a huge reputation for virtual real estate, too, where the trading volume for one 1 day on average goes up to 330 Million USD. It has its own token MANA with about 2.6 Billion supplies. The Decentraland is really yet another NFT Gaming platform where the players can interact with the platform to earn real fortunes. The market capitalization of the platform is about 600 Million dollars. They have their own efficient architecture even for beginners to understand the process of the platform. This is one of the best NFT gaming platforms.

3. CryptoKitties

CryptoKitties is one of the godfathers of the NFTs and the NFTs gaming platform, and they played a major role in the development of identity to the NFTs. Crypto kitties are one of the very earliest gaming platforms. The NFT mutation and Crypto kitties’ evolutions are almost have the same age. The CryptoKitties have different genesis where a CAt was sold for around 246 ETH. The highest sold Cryptokitty is the Dragon which went for about 600 ETH or 1,344,555

USD in the market. They made around 40 million dollars worth of transactions even in the earlier time of the NFT emergence. The crypto kitties are now more than just a competition for the competitors, and they have their own legacy to take forward.

4. SandBox

SandBox officially declared them as the Open Metaverse platform where they have the vision of engaging in the ALPHA gaming experience. It has one of the finest track records of about 15 K distribution of NFTs, which is very consistent attention for an NFT gaming space in this crypto era. It has around 150K hours of Cumulative playing in the space, with more than 200k ALPHA hub visitors in the market. This platform is also one of the socially active firms with more enormous social media contest participants, where Twitter alone has 100K participants.

5. Aliens World

The Alien world NFT gaming platform is also a parallel verse that has a cloud-based wallet and one of the best ways to earn by playing games. The structure is characterized by the goal of earning TLM (Trillium). The TLM can be earned by consecutively playing the game. The player needs to travel across the planet or to solve the alien mission on the planet. The concept of the game and the metaverse logic attracted many. This is one of the best games for Play to earn expectations. Though the above-mentioned games have the upper hand, this can give a decent benefit compared to everyone out there not listed.

No one is willing to skip the chance of earning just by playing the games; Play-to-earn NFT gaming platforms are increasing widely. Though they have a different way of distributing the assets, end of the note, they relate to the real currencies. These platforms will be the future of the digital. When the technology is even more updated & upgraded, there will be chances for a real-time chance to feel & experience the game. NFTs and NFT based developers are defining the history of the NFT futures.


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