The Most Innovative Firefox Extensions list by Mozilla

Extensions are popular in the world of web browsers, and for a good reason. They are often a handy way to port over extra functionality into your browser. But not all extensions are the same, and Mozilla has revealed what it considers the most innovative ones of 2021.

Here, we’ll look at what they are and how they made it to Mozilla’s list of most innovative Firefox extensions.

Mozilla Reveals Firefox’s Most Innovative Extensions

All extensions that made it to the list joined Firefox’s Recommended Extensions program in 2021, Mozilla revealed in a blog post.

Firefox Recommended Extensions program is a manually curated list of extensions created by Mozilla’s staff and community participants.

For an extension to have that honorable Recommended badge, it must meet various quality standards, including security, utility, and user experience.

Firefox Browser’s Most Innovative Extensions of 2021

The most innovative Firefox extensions include the following:

  • Tab Stash: An easy-to-use tab management extension that turns your sea of tabs into an easily accessible temporary bookmark folder.
  • Stylebot: Enables you to customize the look of your favorite websites easily. Among other things, you can change the font, color, margins, and visibility. And if you’re well versed with CSS, you can also get your hands dirty by using the available code editor.
  • Sidebery: Another tab management extension that borrows features from the Tree Style Tab extension. However, Sidebery takes a slightly different approach.
  • automaticDark: This extension exactly does what the name says. It allows you to automatically change the visual theme of your browser depending on the time of the day. It’s a handy way to ensure better readability any time of the day.

What Firefox Extensions Should We Expect in 2022?

What makes for innovative extensions is fundamentally their usefulness. With that in mind, it’s hard to tell which extensions will top the charts in 2022.

From the list mentioned above, two things are clear.

To make it to the most innovative list, an extension can have a similar idea as the existing ones but should stand out and solve the problem at hand more efficiently. Secondly, it can also be a genuinely new solution to a problem we didn’t even think about.

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